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III. Read, translate and reproduce the dialogues: Dialogue 1.

  • Good morning, Alice. It's become quite chilly all of a sudden, hasn't it?

  • Yes, I think the summer is over at last and winter's on the way. I like the fresh autumn air.

  • So do I. I much prefer autumn and winter to summer.

  • Have you noticed the trees in the park? The leaves have turned yellow and red already. They look so beautiful.

  • Yes, when the leaves change colour we see how beautiful they are, that’s why I like autumn.

Dialogue 2.

Misha: What a lovely weather we had last week. I hope it keeps dry and sunny this week too.

Ann: Well, I wouldn't be sure. Have you heard the forecast?

Misha: No. What does it say?

Ann: Occasional showers tomorrow morning, drizzle and more clouds later on, unsettled for the rest of the week.

Misha: Oh, isn't it awful! I do hope it clears up by Sunday.

Ann: Why are you so eager?

Misha: Don't you remember? We were planning an outing for this week-end.

Ann: Oh yes, shall I ask Mary? She is fond of outings.

Misha: Of course. Phone her straight away, will you?

Ann: All right.

Dialogue 3.

Jim: Where are you from?

Dmitry: I come from Greece.

Jim: What's the climate like in your country?

Dmitry: It's very pleasant.

Jim: What's the weather like in spring?

Dmitry: It's often windy in March. It is always warm in April and May, but it rains sometimes.

Jim: What's it like in summer?

Dmitry: It's always hot in June, July and August. The sun shines every day.

Jim: Is it cold or warm in autumn?

Dmitry: It's always warm in September and October. It's often cold in November and it rains sometimes.

Jim: Is it often cold in winter?

Dmitry: It's often cold in December, January and February. It snows sometimes.

Dialogue 4.

Paul and Judy live in Birmingham. It's a large city in the Midlands. They're planning a weekend holiday.

Paul: Judy, why don't we go to Scotland?

Judy: It's a very long way.

Paul: Oh, it isn't too far. Anyway, the motorway is very good, so we can get there quickly.

Judy: But Scotland's often cold at this time of the year. It may snow!

Paul: Well, yes... it may... but don't think it will.

Judy: I'm not sure. It is February, and I'm frightened of driving in snow. And we may not be able to find a hotel. They may be closed.

Paul: Oh, that's no problem. I can book a hotel by phone.

Judy: Well, perhaps it's not a bad idea. We may have beautiful weather.

Paul: Oh, we'll enjoy ourselves anyway. Let's watch the weather forecast on television. We may not go to Scotland, we may go to Wales or London. We can decide after the forecast...

IV. Ask your friend:

  • О чем любят разговаривать люди;

  • Когда хорошо гулять на свежем воздухе;

  • Как он обычно проводит лето;

  • Какая погода обычно бывает летом;

  • Как меняется погода, когда приходит осень;

  • Что люди делают, когда идет дождь;

  • Любит ли он зиму;

  • Чем заняты взрослые и дети зимой;

  • Когда у фермеров много работы;

  • Какую погоду он любит больше всего;

  • Какое время года он любит больше всего.

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