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Предлоги, передающие падежные окончания.

the streets of the city

улицы города

one of my friends

один из моих друзей

give this book to my friend.

дайте эту книгу моему другу

to play with children

играть с детьми

to go home by bus

ездить домой автобусом

to tell about my work

рассказать о своей работе

  1. Выберите соответствующий предлог и переведите предложения.

  1. Give that English book (in, to, about) my parents.

  2. Tell us (on, with, about) the history (in, of, to) our militia.

  3. Let us speak (to, with, about) your friend (in, into, about) your study (in, at, to) our University.

  4. We write (in, with, to) a pen (in, of, to) the copy-book.

  5. The court is (at, in, from) the centre (of, under, for) the city.

  6. We have the library (at, in, with) our university.

  1. Замените существительные с предлогом of существительными в притяжательном падеже.

the room of my son

  • my son's room

the library of the cadets

  • the cadets' library

  • the house of my father

  • the books of my girl

  • the cases of these judges

  • the flat of his brother

  • the names of her friends

  1. Поставьте глаголы to be, to have в соответствующую форму. Переведите предложения. (Tables 9,10 ).

  1. Out teacher (to be) in the English lab now.

  2. The name of this street (to be) Volgin street.

  3. I (to have) a lot of English books at home.

  4. A friend of mine (to be) a student of Moscow Law Institute.

  5. The houses in this street (to be) not big.

  6. I (to have) no free time today.

  7. This young man (to have) no parents.

  8. I (to have) no news today.

  9. (to have) you a large family?

  10. (to have) your friend any English newspapers at home?

  11. (to be) your sister and brother students?

  12. These students (to have) classes in English twice a week.

  13. We (to be) very busy now.

  14. My friend (to be) a first-year student.

  1. Переведите и запомните.



big – large

big – small

little – small

large – little

long – short

difficult – easy

black – white

young – old

good – bad

happy – unhappy

dark - light

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