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Over to you

  1. Is franchising popular in your country?

  2. What are the areas of potential growth for franchising in Ukraine?

  3. Would you personally buy a franchise if you had a chance? In what field would you like to operate?

Conduct a Self-Evaluation

The entrepreneur should do a self-evaluation to be sure that entering a franchise venture is right for him or her. Questions such as those below should be asked to determine if this is the correct decision.

  • Are you a self-starter?

  • Do you enjoy working with other people?

  • Do you have the ability to provide leadership to those who will work for you?

  • Are you able to organize your time and the people who are employed in the business?

• Can you take risks and make good business decisions?

Role Play Student a

You are interested in taking out a franchise with Perfect Pizza. You have seen the following advertisement and decide to call Martin Clayton, Franchise Sales Director for Perfect Pizza (played by Student B). Ask questions and complete the notes.

Examples: How much liquid capital is required to set up an outlet?

What is the initial franchise fee?

Last year we sold six million pizzas and we’re still hungry.

Perfect pizza Free delivery

If you want to join one of the fastest growing companies in fast food, we can offer:

  • market leadership and a proven track record

  • one of the industry's fastest paybacks

  • national and local marketing

  • the back up, training and operational expertise of a professional franchise team

  • the advantages of central buying and distribution of quality products

Call Martin Clayton now on 0932 568000.

Liquid capital requirement: ______________________

Working capital requirement: ____________________

Initial franchise fee: ____________________________

On-going fees: ________________________________


Projected turnover of typical outlet: _______________



Projected profit of typical outlet: _________________


Year company established: ______________________

Number of outlets: _____________________________

Regions available: _____________________________

Length of contract: _____________________________

You should now play the role of Bernard Glover, Franchise Development Manager for Budget Rent a Car. Student В is interested in taking out a franchise with you. Look at the information on the following page and answer his or her questions.