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2 курс ФК, ЕП, УП Денне / ІІ курс денне Англійська мова / Англійська мова Вивчаємо граматику -підручник.doc
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Етап IV

Вправа 1 (c. 51)

а) 4, 5

б) 1, 2, 4

в) 3, 5

Вправа 4 (c. 53)

  1. Pay attention to the article describing the situation on the markets of our town.

  2. Mr. Johnson who ran the firm a few years ago lives in France now.

  3. The receiving party is responsible for keeping the protocol.

  4. A person reviewing company's financial reports is called an auditor.

  5. Who is the laughing girl?

  6. The company that supplied goods to us went bust.

Вправа 5 (c. 57)

  1. While walking around the park, we met our former director.

  2. Being packed in strong boxes, the goods arrived undamaged.

  3. Having lost the address of my friend, I couldn’t send him the letter.

  4. When David was young, he used to swim every day.

  5. She said it beaming with happiness.

  6. He left the office saying that he would come back at 5.

  7. When concluding an agreement, the parties should discuss all its details.

  8. Having obtained the necessary information, the seller sent his proposals to the buyers.

  9. Being an honest person, he refused to take money.

  10. When receiving customers, he always offers coffee to them.

  11. Not knowing the language, he couldn’t understand their conversation.

  12. Not being introduced to other guests, Mike joined us.

  13. While opening the conference, the president of the company wished success to its participants.

  14. While examining the cargo, we revealed several damaged boxes.

  15. Having audited the entry, the controller made the report.

Вправа 6 (c. 58)

  1. Not understanding the point of the conversation, he kept silence.

  2. Entering the conference-hall, he saw that the meeting hadn’t started yet.

  3. When travelling abroad, they always stayed at expensive hotels.

  4. While waiting for my partner, I read an interesting message in the newspaper.

  5. Being an economist, Mr. Brown can answer your questions.

  6. Having completed the checking, the auditor signed the papers.

  7. When she was a little girl, she preferred boy’s games.

  8. The director was speaking on the phone signing some papers.

  9. Having missed the plane, I had to go by train.

  10. Being sent late at night, the telegram was delivered to me only the following morning.

  11. Having collected all the materials, he wrote a detailed report about the commission’s work.

  12. She was looking through magazines seeking the necessary article.

  13. When applying for a job, don’t forget to send your CV.

  14. Having received the message, the manager asked the secretary to connect him immediately with the bank governor.

  15. When opening a current account, he got acquainted with other bank's services.

Вправа 7 (c. 58)


а) Друге речення у складі складносурядного.

б) Підрядне речення причини.

в) Підрядне речення часу.

2) Підмет другого сурядного речення у першому прикладі і підмети підрядних обставинних речень у другому та третьому прикладах.

3) Присудок другого сурядного речення у першому прикладі і присудки підрядних обставинних речень у другому та третьому прикладах.

4) Підмет першого сурядного речення у першому прикладі і підмети головних речень у другому та третьому прикладах.

5) Підмети в двох сурядних реченнях у першому прикладі, як і підмети в підрядних і головних реченнях у другому та третьому прикладах позначають різних осіб або предмети.

6) Англійські речення прості за структурою, але ускладнені дієприкметниковими зворотами.


а) Словосполучення.

б) Особовий займенник у називному відмінку.

в) Іменники у загальному відмінку.

а) Present Participle.

б) Present Participle дієслова to be + прикметник у другому прикладі і Present Participle у третьому прикладі.

Вправа 8 (c. 60)

  1. The next day being Tuesday, all the negotiators met at the plant.

  2. AMS Trading was founded in 1968, the company's name being changed into Amstrad in 1972.

  3. The cargo arrived in time, no box being damaged.

  4. In Britain, insurance against illness and unemployment is carried out by the government, workers' payments being deducted from their wages.

  5. Many people have a high level of computer literacy, computer games being very popular both with children and adults.

  6. All the information about delivery being held on computer, it allows you to check delivery with one phone call.

Вправа 9 (c. 61)

  1. Dnipropetrovsk Financial college was founded in 1977, it being reorganized into Finance and Economics Institute in 1998.

  2. The equipment having been shipped, the seller was given the bill of lading.

  3. The experiment finished successfully, the results of previous tests being fully confirmed.

  4. The article having been published, some figures proved to be inaccurate.

  5. The company's profits for the previous year having decreased considerably, it was decided at the shareholders' meeting not to pay dividends.

  6. An accountant determines directions for firm's development, no reorganization being planned without accountant’s assistance.

Вправа 10 (c. 61)

1) Підрядні додаткові речення.


а) Підмет підрядного додаткового речення.

б) Присудок підрядного додаткового речення.

3) Англійські речення прості за структурою.


а) Іменник у загальному відмінку.

б) Особовий займенник в об'єктному відмінку.

5) Перший додаток.

6) Present Participle.

  1. Другий додаток.

Вправа 11 (c. 63)

  1. She felt (sensed) somebody looking at her.

  2. I have often heard Mrs. Jackson talking to customers on the phone.

  3. I heard Mr. Watson telling the guests about the new car model.

  4. The visitors watched (observed) the robots assembling cars.

  5. He noticed (spotted / saw) the girl delete the file.

  6. He was listening to Mrs. Smith talking to the customers.

Вправа 12 (c. 63)

  1. I could hear some people talking in the next-door room.

  2. We watched (observed) them packing the equipment.

  3. I saw the boy kiss the girl.

  4. Mrs. Brown sensed (felt) him watching her.

  5. They didn’t see her leave.

  6. I noticed (spotted / saw ) them whispering about something.

Етап V

Вправа 1 (c. 66)

  1. Southern East of England is the most densely populated part of Britain.

  2. You have exceeded the credit term usually allowed.

  3. The account opened in our bank will pay you the annual interest of 15%.

  4. You look tired.

  5. The Bank of England is one of the most heavily protected buildings in London.

  6. Goods bought abroad are called visible import.

  7. We live in the city founded nearly 230 years ago.

  8. He was so excited that he couldn’t sleep.

  9. The goods supplied to the markets of our city require expert estimation.

  10. The shares issued by General Motors rose by 3 points.

Вправа 2 (c. 67)

  1. An applicant has to present an authenticated copy of his certificate of education.

  2. The young man looked very surprised.

  3. The freighted vessel will arrive in Odessa next week.

  4. Most of limited liability companies are joint stock companies owned by stockholders.

  5. A corporation is owned by people called stockholders.

  6. Most of corporations are closed corporations.

  7. A company secretary must be a qualified person, a member of a recognized organization or association.

  8. Goods sold abroad are called visible export.

  9. Premium is usually paid for certain work done.

  10. Dollars are issued by the Federal Reserve System established by Congress in 1913.

Вправа 3 (c. 67)

  1. surprising / tired

  2. tiring

  3. boring / interesting

  4. bored

  5. confusing

  6. annoyed

  7. excited

  8. disappointed

  9. embarrassing

  10. amazed

  11. shocking

  12. shocked