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2 курс ФК, ЕП, УП Денне / ІІ курс денне Англійська мова / Англійська мова Вивчаємо граматику -підручник.doc
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Етап III

Вправа 1 (c. 36)

а) 3, 4

б) 1, 3

в) 2, 4

Вправа 4 (c. 38)

  1. Giving shares to workers can help (to) increase motivation.

  2. One of the government’s priorities is decreasing unemployment.

  3. Breaking into the Japanese market is difficult without local contacts.

  4. He is against postponing the discussion of this question.

  5. Developing a high technology product requires much investment.

  6. The most difficult part of my job is dealing with financial forecasts.

  7. Jack's being invited to different presentations and celebrations wasn’t surprising.

  8. When I came into the office, the manager was on the point of leaving.

Вправа 5 (c. 43)

  1. I look forward to meeting you next week.

  2. This advertisement needs redesigning.

  3. There is no excuse for decreasing productivity at your plant.

  4. The production company will finish filming the programme not sooner than next month.

  5. He risked losing millions of dollars when he started the project.

  6. She can’t help loving him.

  7. I regret being inattentive to her. Or: I am sorry for being inattentive to her.

  8. There is a possibility of securing the order for the entire lot of goods.

  9. She isn’t accustomed (used) to getting up so early.

  10. Did you think about working abroad?

  11. I'm not against (opposed to) your buying the shares of this company. Or: I don’t object to (mind) your buying...

  12. There is no point in applying for the shares now - the offer closed last week.

  13. She thanked me for helping her.

  14. I will never forget giving my first presentation.

  15. I prefer working at home to working at the office.

  16. It’s a waste of money buying a Pentium PC if you only want a computer for word processing.

  17. We have stopped dealing with this company.

  18. I am sorry for not coming in time. Or: I regret not coming in time.

  19. Do you insist on his signing the contract?

  20. At the moment we are considering placing the order for your new model of the device.

  21. Do you have a reason for not supporting our proposal?

  22. The company management isn’t interested in extending the term of the contract.

  23. The director doesn’t object to (mind) our visiting the plant. Or: The director isn’t opposed to our visiting the plant.

  24. Try sending a fax to the head of the Sales Department.

  25. She is afraid of flying by plane.

  26. Monday! I don’t feel like going to the Academy.

  27. I don’t think he will be capable of running such a large project.

  28. I don’t like being interrupted when I am at the meeting.

  29. Fortunately, the company has avoided being taken over.

  30. I like working at new projects.

  31. I can’t stand her being late for classes.

  32. I missed seeing my friends.

  33. Manufacturers stopped producing this model 15 years ago.

  34. I remember sending them the cheque.

  35. Do you mind my participating in the talks?

Вправа 6 (c. 44)

  1. Don’t forget to visit the exhibition of digital technologies.

  2. I’ll never forget visiting the exhibition of space technology.

  3. I don't remember his giving your message to Peter.

  4. Did you remember to give my message to Peter?

  5. Try to advertise this device in the local mass media.

  6. They tried advertising their production abroad.

  7. I regret to inform you that your goods weren’t insured.

  8. I regret saying that I was not interested in this job.

  9. Have you finished making the annual report?

  10. The partners continued to negotiate the terms of the contract the next day. Or: The partners continued (kept on / went on) negotiating the terms of the contract the next day.

  11. When did you begin (start) to work for this company? Or: When did you begin (start) working for this company?

  12. He stopped at the news-stand to buy a fresh newspaper.

  13. He stopped buying up properties two years ago.

  14. I like going abroad on business.

  15. I like to go somewhere in the countryside at weekends.

  16. My boss isn’t afraid of taking risks.

  17. Our decision depends on your agreeing to our proposal.

  18. We are interested in arranging a meeting with them.

  19. She doesn't regret making the contract with this company.

  20. He regretted resigning from his previous job. Or: He was sorry for resigning from his previous job.

  21. I am sorry for not calling you back. Or: I regret not calling you back.

  22. Rolls Royce is famous for manufacturing luxurious cars.

  23. I will never forget walking into the office on my first day at work.

  24. Your photocopying machine needs servicing.

  25. At the moment I am considering taking up an offer from ICL.

  26. We are considering the possibility of giving you a significant discount.

  27. When I am giving a presentation, I don’t mind being asked questions.

  28. I can’t stand (bear) arguing about money.

  29. Our Personnel Manager is responsible for hiring the staff.

  30. They are very interested in discussing the idea of a joint venture.

  31. My job involves negotiating prices with suppliers.

  32. We are accustomed (used) to their breaking the terms of delivery of equipment.

  33. There’s no point in negotiating with them now.

  34. In my opinion, the advantage of having a credit card is that you can pay for things over the phone.

  35. It’s not worth printing labels in Britain and sending them here.

  36. I approve of their staying at this hotel.

  37. I can’t help thinking about her.

  38. I had to put off meeting the partners.

  39. Our Finance Director is opposed to awarding everyone a 10% pay rise.

  40. I don’t have much experience in organizing conferences.

Вправа 8 (c. 46)

  1. There are different ways of solving this problem.

  2. I like his idea of arranging the presentation of a new model of the device.

  3. Each citizen has the right of being elected to local and national authorities.

  4. I hate his habit of calling me late at night.

  5. There is a risk of losing all the savings.

  6. The scientist used an unusual method for investigating this phenomenon.

Вправа 9 (c. 47)

  1. Before opening this shop she ran a hotel.

  2. She became successful by providing the right product in the right place.

  3. We managed to expand without increasing our debts.

  4. He worked in industry for many years before joining the government.

  5. The company became more profitable by making 700 workers redundant.

  6. After leaving school, I entered the Aademy at once.

  7. After joining Olivetti, I worked in sales for a while.

  8. After working in research for 6 years, I was made Head of Product Marketing.

  9. Before being sent to the store, the boxes were accounted and marked.

  10. Instead of hiring new workers, you had better increase productivity.

Вправа 11 (c. 49)

  1. to realize

  2. leaving

  3. to devote

  4. developing

  5. to support

  6. to improve

  7. to bring

  8. playing

Вправа 12 (с. 49)

a. to work

i. repaying

b. to pay

j. to give

c. leaving

k. to celebrate

d. to do

l. doing

e. to lend

m. to build

f. listening

n. living

g. working

o. being

h. to make