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1. Find out if the following statements are true or false.

1. There are no differences between British English and American English.

2. British authors and speakers resist the use of Americanisms.

3. B. E. and A. E. are the same language.

2. Read the text and answer the following questions.

1. What type of English do the educated people use?

2. What are the English-speaking countries?

3. Are there any differences between B. E. and A. E. in spelling, pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary?

3. Match words what has the same meaning.

Column A

British English

Column B

American English

all right


college ground




first-year student

second-year student

third-year student

forth-year student











Text 4. Short Course of Academy History

Match the following words and translations.

1. technical college

2. municipal engineers

3. municipal economy

4. sanitary engineering

5. transfer

6. correspondence department

7. lightning engineering and sources of light

8. purification of natural and sewage waters

9. preparatory department

10. technical maintenance of building

A. інженер міського господарства

B. переходити

C. світло постачання та джерела світла

D. підготовче відділення

E. технічне обслуговування будівель

F. очистка природних та стічних вод

G. заочний факультет

H. сантехніка

I. міське господарство

J. технікум

All-Ukrainian technical college of municipal engineers was founded on November 12, 1922. Technical colleges were considered higher educational establishments and they trained engineers. In 1930 the technical college was reorganized into Kharkiv institute of municipal economy engineers. And that institute trained architects and economists. It was situated in Revolution Street, 12.

During war period from 1941 till 1945 institute was evacuated to the city of Adler and then to Frunze. At that time Odessa municipal institute joined our institute with its 3 departments: building, sanitary engineering and municipal roads communication.

In 1946 the Institute was transferred to the ministry of Higher Education in the former USSR.

In 1955 our institute was called Kharkiv Institute of municipal engineering with 3 departments: building, electric transport and engineer-economists.

The correspondence department was opened in 1956 and the evening department was opened in two years in 1958.

In 1960s new specialities were organized at our institute such as lightning engineering and sources of light, purification of natural and sewage waters.

From 1971 our institute has the preparatory department. New educational buildings and students hotels were put into operation during 1970s – 1980s. During that period two more specialities were added: “Architecture” and “Technical Maintenance of Building”.

In 1994 as a result of accreditation our institute started to train Bachelors and Masters of Science. On the 20th of April 1994 our institute was got the statute of the State Academy.