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1. Answer the following questions:

1. Why the gallery is named Tate Gallery?

2. When was the building of the Tate Gallery built?

3. What buildings has the Gallery?

4. Why is the new building of the Tate Gallery magnificent?

5. What amazing items are in the Tate Gallery?

2. Each of sentences a-f fits into a gap in the article. Decide where each sentence fits best.

a. The grid contains square panels filled either with buff stucco or with red brick.

b. The second contains the entrance hall and main staircase, followed by the ‘so-

cial room’ with, above, various technical, administrative and study rooms.

c. The new gallery was built on the site of Mill-bank Prison by Sidney Smith in 1897.

d. There is an auditorium to seat 200 and a ‘social room’ for occasional use, with spiral staircases in one corner leading to the secretary’s room.

e. It has provided a set of galleries, traditional in form and perfectly lit, in which pictures by Turner now hang.

f. Here the Tate pavilion comes exactly opposite the public entrance to the Clore and both are axially reflected in the pool.

3. A. Match the words with their definitions 1-16.

▪portico ▪pavilion ▪staircase ▪balustrade ▪wing

▪lunette ▪basement ▪cornice ▪attic ▪pool ▪extension ▪pergola ▪entrance hall ▪revolving door

▪façade ▪oriel

1. The front of a building, especially a large and important one. ______________.

2. A covered entrance to a building, consisting of a roof supported by pillars.


3. Another room or rooms which are added to a building. ______________.

4. A temporary building or tent which is used for public entertainment or exhibitions and is often large with a lot of space and light.


5. The area just inside the door of a house or other building, that leads to other rooms [= hallway]. ______________.

6. A set of stairs inside a building with its supports and the side parts that you hold on to. ______________.

7. One of the parts of a large building, especially one that sticks out from the main part. ______________.

8. A room or area in a building that is under the level of the ground.


9. Wood or plaster that runs along the top edge of a wall, used for decoration.


10. A space or room just below the roof of a house, often used for storing things.


11. A hole or container that has been specially made and filled with water so that people can swim or play in it. ______________.

12. A structure made of posts built for plants to grow over in a garden.


13. Round window in the roof. ______________.

14. A type of door in the entrance of a large building, which goes around and around as people go through it. ______________.

15. Niche ______________.

16. A row of wooden, stone, or metal posts that stop someone falling from a bridge or balcony. ______________.

B. Now use one of the words to complete the sentences. (There is one word you don’t need).

1. She walked through the ________________ into the lobby.

2. He constructed an impressive building with a red brick __________.

3. They couldn’t build the planned _____________ to the National Museum because the government didn’t support them financially.

4. She walked to the edge of the terrace and leaned on the ___________, looking out over Florence.

5. New beachfront hotels are going up, and the __________ on the boardwalk is being rebuilt.

6. We hung our coats in a cupboard in the ______________.

7. Use _____________ to get to the second floor, and then turn right and there you’ll see Mr. Miles’ room.

8. The building looks like a library or similar public building with its classical ____________ and columns with Ionic capitals.

9. They decided to rebuild the north __________ of Manchester castle next year.

10. What had gone from the _____________ she could only guess, for she did not remember half the things they stored there.

11. A carved ____________ runs around the high-ceilinged room.

12. They have a nice _________ in their backyard.

13. A good plant for shade, it makes an attractive edging to the border under our ________________.

14. I ran to the stairs, and down to the ___________, to the empty store room.

15. This building has a small _____________ to let light in.


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