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1. Answer the following questions:

1. What is the home and office of U.S. President?

2. How many rooms are there in the White House?

3. What is the Oval Office?

4. What rooms are in the White House?

5. What is the official address of the White House?

6. When was it built?

2. Decide if the following statements are true (t) or false (f) according to the text. Find the false sentence and correct them.

1. The White House is an apartment for all presidents. □

2. The White house is constructed of concrete. □

3. The White House is always pained white because Americans first burnt it then painted white and rebuilt. □

4. All people who want to see the White House interior must pay $100. □

5. There are 6 rooms in the White House. □

6. In the West Wing you can find a room which contains the gold medallion presented to Theodore Roosevelt in 1906. □

7. The West Sitting Hall is lemon-yellow. □

8. When guests come to see the White House, president himself comes down and show them round. □

9. The Lincoln Bedroom is used today to accept guests. □

10. The Queen’s Bedroom was designed especially for Queen Elizabeth I and has three-poster bed for her. □

3. Complete the sentences using the text.

1. The White House at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is the ______________ of every U.S President except George Washington ______________.

2. A million visitors go through the White House every year ______________.

3. They walk through the East Garden Room to ______________.

4. In 1935 it was______________.

5. The Green Room ______________.

6. The Clintons have ______________.

7. The walls are covered ______________.

8. Staff meetings and press conferences ______________.

9. Most Presidents fill it with ______________.

10. Flowers provide color ______________.


Text 1. Computers and Their Usage

Today economy increasingly works with computers. Computers also facilitate our everyday work and study.

Modern companies analyse sales of products as well as potential sales of products, programme their whole production by electronic data processing equipment.

Computers are widely used in agriculture. Say, analysing of essential animal characteristics with the help of a computer is important for cattle breeding. In industry cars, devices, tools and instruments are often designed by computers.

The computer has entered education. In management young specialists are trained in special courses. All statistical information is put and kept in computer's memory.

In short, computers are everywhere in our modern life. Computer hardware consists of a tower, a monitor, a printer and their connections.

Computer software has various programmes.

In everyday business they use such common programmes:

  • word processing;

  • database management;

  • accounting;

  • auditing;

  • communications;

  • process control, etc.

The advantages of computers are evident. They solve problems rapidly. Now the computer is being more and more involved in making decisions at the senior management level.

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