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1. Read the following statements and decide if it is true (t) or false (f).

1. The Internet system is very much like the phone system. ( )

2. The Internet is becoming more and more popular here. ( )

3. It is very easy and inexpensive to connect to the Internet. ( )

4. The Internet makes it possible for many people to connect with each other. ( )

5. People can send messages to each other. ( )

6. They can’t share information in the form of compute files. ( )

2. A. Read the paragraph about the Internet and choose the correct form of the verb. Surfing the Net

People who have been grown/have grown up with the Internet have just begun/have just been beginning to realise what its possibilities are. However, the idea that a relatively new method of communication also requires a new set of formal and informal rules of behaviour has largely been being/has largely been ignored. Take, for example, the many teenage girls who have been discovered/have discovered the Buckingham Palace website and have been sent/have been sending Prince William “very friendly” emails he has been received/has been receiving. He says that most of the messages he has been sent/has sent are asking whether he is the name of a public house!

B. Now tell a partner what you’ve been doing on the computer.

Text 3.

1. Skim through the text to get the general idea of the meaning. Do not worry about the words you do not know. Choose the suitable title for the text.

■ The problems of having computers

■ Computer crimes

■ How to protect computers from hackers

■ Criminal computer world

Cracking the computer codes (known as ‘hacking’) of banks, large companies or even government departments is the latest game for super-intelligent teenagers. One young hacker said, ‘Hacking is just intellectual. It’s your brain against the com-

puter. It’s like climbing Mount Everest – it’s something you have to do. [1]……

At the moment most of these games are just fun for young people. But how long will it be before criminal gangs, like the Mafia, start to use computer experts to help them in their crimes? [2] ………..

Already in Britain people say that computer crimes are costing companies between £500m and £2.5 billion a year.

Password Theft

A 19-year-old unnamed hacker said last night on television that he could break into the data base of any large computerized company. [3] ……….

New York Hackers make $80m

Late last Friday afternoon, when all the workers wanted to go home for the weekend, the computer system of a large New York bank suddenly went wrong. Strange words came on to the screens and in the chaos $80m disappeared from one of the bank’s accounts. A gang of teenage hackers had stolen it by computer.

Break-in at Visa

Angry hackers broke into the computer files of an American Credit Company. [4] …….They used his card number to spend $1000 of his money.

2. Read the text again. Choose the sentences (a – d) the one which best fits each gap (1 – 3) in the above text.

A. Future bank robbers will not need explosives to blow open bank safes – all they will need is someone who can break computer codes.

B. They discovered the credit card number of a journalist who was writing an article about hacking.

C. You don’t even need a very expensive computer – but you must understand everything about all kinds of computer.’

D. He uses the company’s password and then changes data, reads personal letters, and buys things with other people’s money.

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