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1. Write an appropriate negative prefix to complete each word in the following sentences.

1. The Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency warned governors that the agency would soon ___approve some of their air pollution control plans.

2. The apparently ___logical passion to burn fossil fuels stems from three main factors: consumer demand, supplier economics and national interests.

3. Industry and environmental experts ___agree about what levels of pollutants are safe.

4. Using ethanol creates more air pollution and environmental damage than oil does. It is also increasing starvation all over the world. That is ___moral!

5. The Government’s plans for eco-towns are ___relevant to the environmental challenges facing Britain.

6. Al Gore says global-warming ___believers are acting like groups who once believed the earth is flat.

7. A new report has shown how climate change can ___stabilize developing nations.

8. ___planned growth is a major problem in the world’s largest cities.


meaning / use


mis+ verb

wrongly / badly

mistook, mishandle

re + noun/verb/adjective

again, back

retype, reread, replace

over+ verb

too much

overdo, overwork

under+ verb

not enough, too little

undercook, undercharge

2. Write an appropriate prefix to complete each word in the following sentences.

1. Funding lobbyists to ___inform the public and politicians about climate change is part of the strategy to spread doubt about the science of global warming. 

2. While urban living conditions may bring improvements in terms of access to health care, education, sanitation and clean water, this potential is often not realised, especially for poorer new migrants, who may suffer from ___crowding, pollution and dangerous working conditions.

3. It is apparent that air pollution is a subject that arouses great emotion and concern for many different reasons, but it is equally apparent that air pollution is a greatly ___understood phenomenon of modern society.

4. The Healthy City Project is urging the City of Westmount to ___place all its street lights with high-efficiency, low-intensity lights, in order to help reduce light pollution.

5. Opinion polls usually ___estimate Americans' concern about the environment.

6. Wisconsin’s lakes are ___developed and, as a result, face severe water quality problems.

3. Fill in the spaces in the following text using a suitable form of the word given at the end of the lines. Climate changes

Global warming is the result of the __________ (1) of greenhouse gases


also known as the ‘greenhouse effect’. According to __________ (2), the


consequences of global warming would be severe for human __________ (3)


and ecosystems since we are totally __________ (4) on them. The rise would


produce new patterns of rainfall and drought that would affect the

__________ (5) of mankind. Global warming could cause polar ice to melt


__________ (6). Sea levels would rise as a result of that and coastal cities and


islands would be __________ (7).


In all __________ (8), the rise in global temperature will accelerate unless


countries decide on a universal scheme for the __________ (9) of greenhouse


gases. Most developed countries, however, are reluctant to delay their

economic __________ (10) by imposing strict environmental


__________ (11) on their industries unless they become compensated for their losses.


/from “First Certificate. Use of English”, Judy Copage/

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