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1. Fill in the gaps with the words from the box below.

trapenvironmental emissions releasedbanningindustry greenhouse gas destroy rainforests

  1. Britain wants to cut CO2 ________________ by 60 percent by 2050.

  2. Theysignedagreements________________ theuseofchemicalweapons.

  3. They started acampaigntostopthedestructionoftheAmazon________________.

  4. CarbondioxidecausestheEarth’satmosphereto________________ heat.

  5. Some of the most common products containing chemicals that ________________ the ozone layer include aerosol inhalers for asthma sufferers and fire extinguishers.

  6. The most widespread ________________ is carbon dioxide, which is ________________ every time fossil fuels are burnt.

  7. The aluminum ________________ lays emphasis on pollution-control efforts to prevent ________________ problems.

2. Complete the sentences with the words from Vocabulary 1.

  1. At the north end of Kielder Water, Bakethin Reservoir has been declared a nature ________________.

  2. ________________in the air reduced the visibility near the airport.

  3. Our programs enable people to make the best environmental and economic use of their local ________________ _______________.

  4. Mining in the area was doing a lot of ________________ to the environment.

  5. We ________________ the environment every day with normal things we do every day.

  6. On average, every EU citizen produces 550kg of _________ per year and this is growing.

  7. _______________one tin can saves enough energy to power a television for three hours.

  8. Scientists can already see many effects of people on marine ________________.

  9. DDT is highly ________________ to many aquatic species.

  10. Oxygen from the water ________________ into the atmosphere.

3. Paraphrase the underlined words or word combinations using Vocabulary 1.

Improving air quality has been a priority for the European Union for many years and, fortunately, it has been one of the successful stories of 1. policy connected with the environment. However, although our air is cleaner than it used to be, there are still three big problems to tackle. First, the poor air quality in cities and towns 2. has a negative effect on our health and 3.causes damage to the environment. The other major issues are ozone depletion and 4. the increase in temperature of the earth's atmosphere. All these problems occur because people and their activities 5. send 6. harmful substances into the air, but the sources of 7. damage to the air are different in each case - as are the solutions. We can do something to improve things.

/Adapted from http://ec.europa.eu/environment/youth/air/air_en.html/

Vocabulary 2 Word building: Suffixes

A suffix is a part added to the end of the word to make a different word.

We normally use suffixes to change a word to a different part of speech:

employ (verb) + er = employer (noun).

Sometimes a suffix produces a change in meaning:

neighbour + hood = neighbourhood

It is a good idea to build up your knowledge of prefixes and suffixes to help you guess at the meanings of words you don’t know.

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