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7. Find 13 different types of fuel in this word search.

8. Substitute the highlighted parts with the appropriate terms.

The generation of electricity from such fuels as natural gas and coal (1), is a major and growing contributor to sending carbon dioxide into the air (2) – a gas which traps heat (3), contributing to the slow increase in the temperature of the Earth (4). At least for the next few decades, there are few realistic options for reducing carbon dioxide emissions from electricity generation:

  • expand use of energy that comes from natural sources such as wind, solar or biomass (5);

  • increase use of power produced by nuclear energy (6).

The limited prospects for the latter option today are caused by several unresolved problems:

  • Costs;

  • Safety;

  • useless  substances (7): this power has unresolved challenges in management of radioactive useless  substances. Since it presents some danger to future generations, many expect significant progress towards solution to the problem of getting rid of these useless substances (8).

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