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2. Multiple-choice cloze

For questions 1-12 read the text and decide which answer (A/B/C) best fits each space.

Soil Pollution

It is very common for farmers and gardeners to spread fertilizer on their soil 1.___________ the plants will grow to be healthier.  Nitrates and phosphates are typically found in these fertilizers.  The use of too much fertilizer is very bad for the plants because it can increase their growth beyond reasonable limits, and drain nutrients from the 2. ___________. Communities should be careful when they are doing agricultural work because the materials that they put on the soil can 3. ___________ many problems. Fertilizer that is spread 4. ___________ fields can 5.___________ into streams and lakes, which then become contaminated.

Ordinary landfills are the source of many chemical substances that are contaminating the soil and 6. ___________ leaking 7. ___________ the groundwater. They come from the wide variety of refuse in our landfills, especially materials illegally 8. ___________ there.  Some of the more common soil 9. ___________ in landfills are chlorinated hydrocarbons (CFH), found in propellants, and MTBE, found in gasoline.  Heavy metals are 10. ___________ a problem. 

Pollution can also be the 11. ___________ of a natural disaster. For example, hurricanes often result in water contamination from sewage.   Oil spills are caused by oil tankers that become damaged and leak oil and by car accidents which cause gasoline to be 12. ___________ into wet lands.

/Adapted from http://library.thinkquest.org/06aug/01346/environment.html/

1 A so that B in order C so as

2 A soil B grounds C earth

3 A lead B result C cause

4 A at B on C above

5 A run out B run off C run down

6 A as result B consequently C so

7 A onto B --- C into

8 A discarded B disposed C dump

9 A contaminants B polluters C contaminations

10 A moreover B too C also

11 A influence B effect C consequence

12 A spilled B spill C spillt

3. Proof-reading

Look at the text below. Some of its lines are correct, so put a tick (V) next to them. Some others include an extra word which you must cross out.

Polluting water is easy!


Polluting the water is unfortunately a very simple process.


As the item goes down the drain it gets dumped into waterways.


That's how easy it is to pollute the earth's water.


Certain human-made items result in to water pollution. These items


include soaps, detergents, cleaning sprays, some mouthwashes, and many


other things. Water pollution is also caused when people throw some trash


into water too. Animals can get trapped in the trash and


suffocate to the death. The trash can cut or disable the animals.


In a way, throwing trash into water is such like committing animal


murder. Oil spills also create massive water pollution.


Big ocean liners ship oil along with coastlines and risk


of crashing into rocks, spreading oil into water.


Oil spills are a lot more worse than we think. They cause animals


to die and require a lot of time and work to clean up.

/Adapted from http://library.thinkquest.org/6076/New%20Pages/EWatpoll.html/

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