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1. Complete the table with words from a and b above and related forms. Put a stress mark in front of the stressed syllable in each word. (The first one has been done for you.)







dispose (of)







2. Match the two parts of these sentences containing expressions from c above.

1. He led a political campaign against a. lobby, this type of plastic is such a dangerous the company, saying its oil substance to manufacture and dispose of that production caused environmental it should be banned.

2. According to the environmental b. devastation in the area.

3. The project will boost Brazilian c. standards, the amount of household waste is efforts to fight environmental growing more slowly than the economy as a

4.In the richest countries with the whole.

toughest environmental d. degradation in the Amazon basin.

/Business Vocabulary in Use. Advanced. Bill Mascull/

3. Complete the sentences with expressions from d above.

1 Illegal _________________ could accelerate degradation or even cause _____________, which has affected more than 9.8 million acres of forest in the past 30 years.

2 Fishermen are being encouraged to catch alternative fish species because _____________ has _________________ the stocks to near-collapse.

3 The country's society is maturing and adopting a model of economic development that balances economic growth, social justice and the _________________ use of _______________ _________________.

4 Many congressmen are keen to revive research into renewable _________________ _________________ like solar and wave power.

/Business Vocabulary in Use. Advanced. Bill Mascull/

4. Complete the sentences using one of the words from the box.

ecology (x2) pollution depletion waste (x2) acid rain extinct environment contaminate dumped threatened emissions

  1. The _________ of the planet is further ________ by global warming.

  2. ________ from cars and oil refineries and other industrial activities cause air pollution.

  3. 50% of the world’s species are predicted to go _________ within the next 50 years.

  4. In Germany, the forests are believed to be dying because _________ is harming them.

  5. _________ is the scientific study of the interactions between organisms and their _________.

  6. Air _________ causes the _________ of ozone in the ozone layer.

  7. In our world every day people throw away lots of valuable technology _________.

  8. Ordinary landfills are the source of many chemical substances that _________ the soil and consequently leak into the groundwater. 

  9. Liquid radioactive _________ has been _________ in the Barents and Kara Sea.

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