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2. Will or going to

Complete the following sentences using will or going to in the correct form. Sometimes both will and going to are possible.

a A I _____________ make myself a sandwich. Do you want one?

В No thanks. I _____________ have something later.

b A Helen and Les _____________ Florida this year for their holidays.

В How wonderful! The boys _____________ love it, especially Disneyland.

с A Bye, Mum. I _____________ meet Tom and Mel. I _____________ be back at

about ten o'clock.

В Have a good time, but don't be late again or I _____________ be furious.

d A Jo _____________ be mad with me when she finds out I've smashed the car.

В She _____________ understand. Just tell her it wasn't your fault.

e A I (not) _____________ work today, I feel awful.

B Don’t worry, I _____________ ring your boss and tell her you’re sick.

f A I’m tired. I think I _____________ go to bed.

B Goodnight. I _____________ watch the news, then I _____________ join you.

g A My boss has told me I _____________ be promoted. I’m afraid that means longer

hours at the office, darling.

B Don’t worry. I _____________ get myself a dog for company. I’m sure we

_____________ have more to talk about!

h A Mr Smith, now you’ve won the lottery you _____________ be the fifth richest man

in England. How do you feel about that?

B I _____________ tell you next week. I’m too overwhelmed to think about it now.

/New Headway. Workbook. Upper-intermediate. Liz and John Soars with Jo Devoy/

3. Will or going to

Complete the following sentences using will or going to, and any other necessary words. Sometimes both will and going to are possible.

a. A I've got to phone a Paris number. Do you know the code?

B No, ______________________________ in the directory for you.

b. A What are you doing over the Easter holidays?

B Absolutely nothing. We ______________________________ rest.

c. A Did you hear the weather forecast?

B Yes. ______________________________ cold at first, then ____________________ a little warmer this afternoon, and this evening ______________________________ some light showers.

d. A Why did you buy a house in such terrible condition?

B It was cheap. We ______________________________ modernize it from top to bottom, and we ______________________________ into a restaurant. What do you think?

e. A If you are elected, what ___________ your party __________ about unemployment?

B We have carefully considered this issue. When we are elected, as we most certainly ________________________ be, we ________________ create half a million new jobs.

f. A What are you doing here? Annie's expecting you for lunch.

B I completely forgot! I ______________________________ a ring, and tell her I ______________________________ be late. Thanks for reminding me.

g. A How will the proposed tax increase on petrol affect your business?

B To be perfectly honest, we haven't thought about it yet. We _________________ cross that bridge when we get to it.

h. A When is your baby due?

B Next month.

A What ______________________________ call it if it's a boy?

B Thomas. /From Headway Upper-Intermediate. Workbook. John and Liz Soars/

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