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7. Thinking about your future

For each of the following times, write what you think you will (or won’t) be doing at that time or something that you will (or won’t) have done by then.

Example: the end of this month I will have sent more than 150 e-mails to friends by the end of this month.

  1. midnight tonight ________________________________________________

  2. this time next week ________________________________________________

  3. the end of this year ________________________________________________

  4. the middle of next summer ________________________________________________

  5. ten years from now ________________________________________________

/From Developing Grammar in Context, Mark Nettle and Diana Hopkins/

Unit 3

Grammar revision

Fill in the gaps with the correct preposition and open the brackets putting the verbs in the correct form.

Rain Forest Destruction

The atmosphere and oceans are not the only parts (1) ___________ the environment that (2) ___________ (damage).  Rain forests (3) ___________ (destroy) quickly as well, and their survival is questionable.

E.O. Wilson, a biologist at Harvard, (4) ___________ (call) the depletion of rain forest areas "the greatest extinction (5) ___________ the end of the age of dinosaurs."

(6) ___________ some local environmental issues, rain forest depletion (7) ___________ (fortunately / receive) significant public and media attention.

(8) ___________ strong public opposition to the cutting down (9) ___________ rain forests, the problem (10) ___________ (continue).  Every year, Brazil (11) ___________ (chop down) an area of forest the size of the state of Nebraska.

In addition (12) ___________ the Amazon's rain forests, many other forests (13) ___________ (cut down) as well.  In Indonesia, Zaire, Papua-New Guinea, Malaysia, Burma, the Philippines, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, and Venezuela, rain forests that (14) ___________ (be) once great (15)___________ (lose).

According (16) ___________ some estimates, 50 million acres of rain forest (17) ___________ (cut down) every year.  The United Nations says the figure is closer (18) ___________ 17 million acres.  The World Wildlife Fund says that every minute, 25 to 50 acres (19)___________ (cut) or ___________ (burn) to the ground.

The world's growing population (20) ___________ (be) a primary cause (21) ___________ rain forest destruction.  More people need land to live (22) ___________ and wood products to consume.  Limiting population growth may be the first (23) ___________ a series of steps that (24) ___________ (limit) the destruction of the rain forests.

/Adapted from http://library.thinkquest.org/26026/Environmental_Problems/rain_forest_destruction.html/

Vocabulary revision

1. Word formation

Read the following text and fill in the correct word derived from the words in brackets.

Transportation is a huge problem in most communities. Most families spend more than $5,000 dollars each year to own and maintain a motor vehicle. Transportation accounts for as much as one third of greenhouse (1) ___________ (emit) in the United States. Congestion costs are over 6 million dollars in major cities such as Los Angeles, New York City, and Mexico City.  Transportation is vital for economic (2) ___________ (develop), moving goods and services and allowing access to jobs. (3) ___________ (sustain) communities must find (4) ___________ (create) solutions that balance the need for (5) ___________ (economy) growth with the need for less expensive (6) ___________ (mobile) that is (7) ___________ (access) and (8) ___________ (environment) friendly. Communities need to offer alternative choices that focus on people instead of motor vehicles. Raising (9) ___________ (aware) of the problem is one way to help the situation. Also, cities can encourage people to stop using their cars by making public transportation (10) ___________ (ease) to use and to access.

/Adapted from http://library.thinkquest.org/06aug/01346/improving.html/

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