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VIII. Answer the questions

    1. Why did Peter I decide to send an expedition to the Pacific Ocean?

    2. What was Russia like by that time?

    3. Where was Russia carrying out foreign trade?

    4. Why was it desirable to find sea routes to America and Japan?

    5. What did Russia want to get from its far-eastern domains?

    6. When did the expedition set out?

    7. Who was in command of the expedition?

    8. When did they reach Okhotsk?

    9. What ship was built there?

    10. Where did the ship sail?

    11. What island did Bering discover?

    12. Did the seamen see the Alaska Peninsula?

    13. Who insisted on continuing the voyage?

    14. What island did the expedition discover on their way back?

IX. Insert prepositions

      1. Peter I decided to send an expedition … the Pacific Ocean.

      2. Nо one knew whether Asia and America were joined … an isthmus.

      3. There was nо Russian mercantile marine yet … the Pacific Ocean.

      4. It was desirable to find sea routes … America and Japan and start trading … them.

      5. It was important to get detailed information … the far-eastern domains.

      6. The expedition set out in January 1725, … the command of Vitus Bering and Aleksei Chirikov.

      7. At first they sailed northwards … the coasts of Kamchatka and Chukotka.

      8. Chirikov alone insisted … continuing the voyage … the boat should reach the mouth of the Kolyma.

X. Insert the proper words, see the words below

        1. Nо one knew whether Asia and America were joined by an isthmus or …. by а strait.

        2. Facts about Semyon Dezhnev’s expedition … unpublished.

        3. The expedition had other tasks besides finding out … Asia and America were joined or not.

        4. By this time Russia had already become an important sea …

        5. However, there was nо Russian mercantile … yet on the Pacific Ocean.

        6. It was therefore desirable to find sea … to America and Japan.

        7. It was important to get … information about the far-eastern … of Russia.

        8. A ship named … was built in Okhotsk.

        9. At first they sailed northwards along the … of Kamchatka and Chukotka.

        10. Bering … an island which he named St. Lawrence.

        11. Оn the 16th of August, the seamen reached … 67º18' N.

        12. Bering decided that it was sufficient … of the existence of а strait.

        13. This daring plan, however, was …, and the ship turned back.

        14. On their way back they … an Island which they called the Island of St. Diomede.

  1. came across

  2. coasts

  3. detailed

  4. discovered

  5. domains

  6. latitude

  7. marine

  8. power

  9. proof

  10. rejected

  11. remained

  12. routes

  13. separated

  14. Svyatoi Gavriil

  15. whether

XI. Give English equivalents

отправить экспедицию, никто не знал, соединены перешейком, разделены проливом, оставались неопубликованными, важная морская держава, внешняя торговля, торговый флот, найти морские пути, дальневосточные территории России, ценные меха, судно под названием, плыть на север, открыли остров, противоположный берег пролива, расстояние между континентами, достаточное доказательство, достигнуть устья реки, встретить ледяные поля

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