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I. Read and translate the information using the vocabulary

II. Translate the verbs, give the three forms

seem, confirm, separate, prove, turn, reach, decide, send, sail, pass, enter, include, set out, explore, found, name, lead, loose, continue, anchor, set foot, perish, kill, touch, die, sight, return, capture, approach, suffer, re-enter

III. Give Russian equivalents

seemed to confirm the opinion, not yet fully proved, to sail up to the coast of America, at the same time, in order to find out, to pass along the coast, the party setting out of this peninsula, was founded, in the north-east direction, lost sight of each other, thick fog, anchored at a small island, to set foot on that soil, brave explorer, lost their lives, food shortage, were compelled to stay for winter, was named after, to sight a mountainous coast, touch at a small island, to suffer from thirst and hunger, Russian settlement

IV. Grammar revision

Translate the sentences into Russian

    1. Two boats were to sail up to the coast of America and two others up to the coast of Japan.

    2. They were to sail to the Arctic Ocean in order to find out whether it was pos-sible to enter the Pacific from the Arctic Ocean.

    3. They had to enter the harbor of Petropavlovsk.

    4. The ships lost sight of each other and had to continue their voyage independently.

    5. The seamen had to stay for the winter on one of the islands.

Translate the sentences into English

      1. Вторая экспедиция должна была подтвердить мнение, что Азия и Америка разделены проливом.

      2. Эти отряды должны были узнать, можно ли войти в Тихий океан из Северного Ледовитого.

      3. Судну пришлось бросить якорь у маленького острова Каяк.

      4. Мы должны были написать две статьи.

      5. Я должен был прочитать эту информацию.

V. Answer the questions

      1. Why did Bering decide to send the second expedition to the Pacific Ocean?

      2. What did they want to find out?

      3. What did the second Kamchatka expedition include?

      4. When was Petropavlovsk founded?

      5. Why did the city receive that name?

      6. What happened in June, 1741?

      7. What was the way of Bering’s ship?

      8. What happened to Russian seamen on Kayak?

      9. Where was the ship under the command of Chirikov sailing?

10.What happened to some members of his crew?

VI. Insert prepositions

        1. Asia and America are separated … а strait.

        2. Bering had turned back … either reaching the river Kolyma or seeing the coast of Alaska.

        3. In 1732, it was decided to send а second expedition … the Pacific Ocean.

        4. They were to find out whether it was pos-sible to enter … the Pacific … the Arctic Ocean.

        5. The city was named … the ships Svyatoi Pyotr and Svyatoi Pavel, the first to enter the harbour of Petropavlovsk.

        6. The ships sailed … the north-east direction … the coast of America.

        7. … the 17th of July, 1741, captain Bering’s ship came in sight of а big snow-capped mountain.

        8. The Russian Seamen were the first Europeans to set foot … that soil.

        9. Many of the brave explorers perished … hunger and disease.

10.The island was named … the great explorer.

11.Bering and Chirikov opened the way … the Pacific Ocean for Russian seamen.

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