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I. Repeat the words after the teacher

province, resolute, authority, guardhouse, threat, reconciliation, Mediterranean, reasserted, Ionian, Aegean, place d’arm, brewing, although, blockaded, Portuguese, Spaniards, artillery, neutrality, threaten, disobedience, hostilities, promontories

II. Read and translate the international words

Province, cadet corps, base, diplomatic, result, rank, vice-admiral, sultan, frigate, corvette, brig, sloop, storm, diplomat, artillery, neutrality, convention, escort, result, popular, conspirator

III. Read and translate the information using the vocabulary

IV. Translate the verbs, give the three forms

Born, graduate, serve, construct, prevent, capsize, entrust, transport, distinguish, result in, effect, equip, seize, fortify, promote, reassert, order, proceed, capture, blockade, cut off, break out, break, clash, return, lead, remain, brew, induce, cast, intercept, declare, respond, authorize, fight, make, beat, compel, leave, annihilate, refuse, surrender, maintain, threaten, blow up, set ablaze, sign, escort, detain, starve, allow, employ, remain, stage, recall, resume, inter, commemorate

V. Give Russian equivalents

born into a noble family, after graduating from, resolute actions, prevented a flagship from capsizing, Prince Potemkin, vital task, diplomatic mail, Russian embassy, distinguished himself, pay attention to, resulted in, confinement to a guardhouse, threat of reduction, equipped with 72 guns, seized a fortress, prevent from taking hold of islands, in order to, cut off supplies, after food riots, clash with the squadron, war was brewing, to proceed to, cast anchor, intercept a sloop, war has been declared, managed to save his ships, take part in, had not been authorized, neither promises nor threats, change mind, were compelled to leave, refused to surrender, threatened to blow up the ships, was detained under various pretexts, to resume hostilities, the Order of Saint George

VI. Arrange the following in pairs of synonyms

    1. annihilate a. build

    2. cast b. capture

    3. coastal c. carry

    4. construct d. compel

    5. hostilities e. destroy

    6. induce f. difficult

    7. mail g. go

    8. naval h. drop

    9. proceed i. important

    10. province j. lead to

    11. result in k. marine

    12. seize l. post

    13. transport m. region

    14. tricky n. shore

    15. vital o. war

VII. Grammar revision

Translate the sentences into Russian

  1. After his resolute actions had prevented a flagship from capsizing, Prince Potemkin entrusted him with a vital task of transporting diplomatic mail.

  2. He had paid little attention to admiral Ushakov’s authority, which resulted in his confinement to a guardhouse.

  3. Senyavin became the greatest admiral Russia had ever known.

  4. He reasserted Russian control of the Southern Adriatic, because his squadron had captured some important fortresses there.

Translate the sentences into English

  1. Эскадра Сенявина проследовала в Эгейское море, так как началась война с Турцией.

  2. Русские корабли заблокировали проливы, и город не мог получать снабжение с моря.

  3. Была объявлена война Англии с Россией, поэтому английский флот захватил русский шлюп.

  4. Сенявин ответил, что он не был уполномочен царём сражаться в этой войне.

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