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I. Repeat the words after the teacher

century, Crimean, Tatars, southern, alternative, economic, launched, campaign, mouth, howitzer, arquebus, Dnieper, Cossacks, assault, failure, supplies, discourage, campaign, Turkish, shipyard, purpose, squadron, seizure, strengthened

II. Read and translate the international words

raid, normal, economic, alternative, campaign, fort, block, army, cavalry, command, attack, concentrate, reason, regular, energy, operation, isolate, specially, transport, action, position, history, diplomatic, mission

III. Read and translate the information using the vocabulary

IV. Translate the verbs, give the three forms

keep, raid, establish, start, hinder, develop, launch, situate, block, take place, form, consist, send, distract, set out, join, concentrate, decide, storm, repulse, fail, prevent, get, supply, discourage, prepare, isolate, loose, build, begin, combine, lead, sail, enter, destroy, strengthen, name, found

V. Give the derivatives of the words

bad, south, develop, coming, fort, fail, courage, ship, special, act

VI. Give Russian equivalents

was badly in need, high seas, kept raiding, was unable, to establish relations, hinder development, launch a campaign, situated at the mouth, consist of, forthcoming attack, set out for, take by assault, repulse the assault, reasons of the failure, prevent from getting supplies, the first failure, did not discourage, conduct operations, so as to, Voronezh shipyards, for the purpose, consisted of, eight regiments, destroy the navy, led to the seizure, strengthened the position, a port was founded, on the coast, entered the Black Sea

VII. Arrange the following in pairs of synonyms

  1. army a. come in

  2. assault b. continue

  3. command c. fleet

  4. destroy d. forces

  5. development e. future

  6. enter f. growth

  7. form g. leadership

  8. forthcoming h. make

  9. get i. prevent

  10. hinder j. receive

  11. keep k. ruin

  12. launch l. start

  13. navy m. storm

VIII. Grammar revision

Translate the sentences into Russian

  1. The Turks kept raiding the southern parts of the country.

  2. The Turkish fortress blocked passage to the Azov Sea.

  3. The first campaign took place in 1696.

  4. A unit of cavalry distracted the attention of the Turks.

  5. In August they stormed the fortress.

  6. Peter I gave much attention to the army.

  7. They built 26 ships at the Voronezh shipyards in 1699.

Translate the sentences into English

  1. Россия начала войну со странами, которые мешали её экономическому развитию.

  2. Пётр Первый сформировал новую армию и начал кампанию против турецкой крепости Азов.

  3. Он решил взять крепость штурмом.

  4. Эта неудача не испугала Петра.

  5. Армия состояла из 75 000 человек.

  6. Российский флот уничтожил турецкие корабли.

  7. Эта победа усилила позиции России.

IX. Answer about the article

  1. Why was Russia unable to establish economic relations with other countries?

  2. With what countries did Russia start war?

  3. Against what fortress did Peter I launch two campaigns?

  4. Why did he launch the campaigns against that fortress?

  5. What army did Peter form?

  6. Who commanded the unit of cavalry?

  7. Why was Sheremetyev sent to the mouth of the Dneper?

  8. Who joined the army on the way to Azov?

  9. Did the Russian army take the fortress in 1695?

  10. Why was the assault repulsed?

  11. Did the failure discourage Peter?

  12. What did he decide to do after that?

  13. Where did the Russians build the fleet at that time?

  14. How many ships were built there?

  15. How long did they build those ships?

  16. When did Russian fleet destroy the Turkish navy?

  17. When did the Russian army take the fortress of Azov?

  18. What ship sailed to Constantinople on a diplomatic mission?

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