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VII. Arrange the following in pairs of synonyms

    1. coast a. aim

    2. establish b. apparatus

    3. heave c. different

    4. instrument d. explorer

    5. necessity e. found

    6. purpose f. importance

    7. realize g. lift

    8. route h. shore

    9. scientist i. understand

    10. varied j. way

VIII. Grammar revision

Translate the sentences into Russian

1. The apparatus invented by Lomonosov is called a course recorder.

2. Lomonosov invented a mechanical log connected with the hull of the ship.

3. The navigator can calculate the distance covered by the ship.

4. Lomonosov insisted on establishing a Seafaring Academy for research work

in the fields connected with seamanship.

Translate the sentences into English

  1. Адмирал Чичагов организовал полярную экспедицию, предложенную Ломоносовым.

  2. Моряки используют наблюдательный пост, изобретённый Ломоносовым.

  3. Все приборы, изобретённые Ломоносовым, используются в мореплавании.

  4. Он проделал большую исследовательскую работу в областях, связанных с мореплаванием.

IX. Answer about the article

  1. When did Lomonosov live?

  2. What is he famous for?

  3. What did he do for geographic research of Russia?

  4. Why did he propose sending a polar expedition?

  5. Who tried to put that idea into practice?

  6. What research work did Lomonosov do in oceanography?

  7. What instruments were made under his supervision?

  8. What construction did he invent for watching sea in stormy weather?

  9. What self-recording compass was invented by Lomonosov?

  10. What instrument for calculating the distance covered by a ship did Lomonosov invent?

  11. Why did he insist on establishing a Seafaring Academy?

X. Insert prepositions

  1. The name of Mikhail Vasilyevieh Lomonosov, the great Russian scientist and poet, is known … everyone in Russia.

  2. Russian seamanship owes much … Lomonosov.

  3. He carried … the very important work of making a full atlas of the Russian Empire.

  4. The great scientist realized the necessity of exploring the Arctic Ocean and establishing a regular sea route … the coasts of Siberia.

  5. He proposed sending out a special polar expedition … this purpose.

  6. Admiral Chichagov tried to put Lomonosov’s ideas … practice.

  7. Lomonosov’s works contain many important data … the change of tides, the depen­dence of the concentration of salt in sea water … the vicinity of the coast and ice, etc.

  8. … his supervision various marine instruments were made.

  9. Lomonosov invented an observation post of special construction convenient … watching the sea … stormy weather.

  10. He proposed making different instruments and devices … seafaring.

  11. Now this ap­paratus invented … Lomonosov is called a course recorder.

  12. Lomonosov also invented a mechanical log connected … the hull of the ship.

  13. Lomonosov insisted … establishing a Seafaring Academy … research work … all fields connected … seamanship.

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