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I. Repeat the words after the teacher

towards, anchored, authorities, powder, harbor, seclusion, Chinese, Japanese, hitherto, supplies, shoal, southern, desert, cruise

II. Read and translate the international words

Equator, provisions, typhoon, powder, group, diplomatic, emperor, region, correct, visit, cruise, expedition

III. Read and translate the information using the vocabulary

IV. Translate the verbs, give the three forms

cross, leave, sail, head for, head, anchor, stay, discharge, repair, set out, encounter, overtake, reach, order, turn over to, allow, enter, avoid, trade, establish, forbid, approach, explore, lead, mark, exist, know, pass, return, refresh, supply, set forth, plot, attempt, come upon, connect, correct, study, visit, greet, head for, welcome, obtain, issue

V. Give the derivatives of the words

hard, take, course, foreign, agree, Japan, China, Europe, describe, known, main, south, island, joy, part

VI. Give Russian equivalents

crossed the Equator, headed for Alaska, in accordance with, encountered a lot of hardships, torrential rain, was overtaken by a typhoon, local authorities, fire-arms, gun powder, none of the seamen, life-boat, led a life of seclusion, avoid intercourse, the rest of the world, Russian envoy, reach agreement, establish relations, forbid to approach, on the way back, make a description, dotted line, hitherto unknown, refresh supplies, plot on the map, a big shoal, come to a wrong conclusion, connected with mainland, outstanding seaman, sailing on her own, Russian settlers, joyfully greeted, desert island, lost each other, round the world cruise, great significance, obtain scientific data, establish sea route, in honour , was issued, bearing inscription, for participation

VII. Arrange the following in pairs of synonyms

1. attempt a. carry

2. authorities b. continent

3. bear c. difficulties

4. come upon d. famous

5. continue e. get

6. cruise f. government

7. data g. importance

8. greet h. information

9. hardships i. inhabitant

10.mainland j. last

11.obtain k. meet

12.outstanding l. provision

13.set forth m. set out

14. settler n. shallow

15.shoal o. try

16.significance p. voyage

17.supplies q. welcome

VIII. Grammar revision

Translate the sentences into Russian

                  1. Lisyanski had explored the Hawaiian Islands.

                  2. The Neva had visited Alaska.

                  3. The Russian settlers joyfully greeted the first ship that had come all the way from Kronstadt.

                  4. The first Russian cruise round the world, which lasted three years and twelve days, had ended.

                  5. The first man to welcome the seamen of the Nadezhda was Lisyanski, who had brought the

Neva to Kronstadt two weeks earlier.

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