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The most known infectious diseases of childhood are chickenpox, measles, and mumps. The signs and symptoms of measles are fever, cough, sneezing, inflamed eyes, sore throat, tiny white spots on the lining of the cheek, and rash. The virus that causes the disorder is transmitted by inhalation of infecting droplets. Whooping cough occurs in infants younger than 2 years. It is contracted by inhaling infected airborne droplets. The symptoms of this disease are: sneezing and nasal congestion, tearing, loss appetite, and cough. Fever, weakness, and red, itchy rash are the signs of chickenpox. Chickenpox occurs primarily in children. It is spread by breathing in infected respiratory droplets or by unprotected direct contact with the rash. Mumps is a childhood disease, but it can occur in adults. Its symptoms are the following: swollen, painful salivary glands, fever, weakness and fatigue, inflammation of the pancreas, testicles, ovaries, or brain. Mumps is caused by a virus and spread by inhalation of infected droplets. Diphtheria is an acute infection. It usually attacks the respiratory tract. Infection occurs by inhalation of airborne droplets exhaled by a person with the disease. The signs of this disease are sore throat and hoarseness, nasal discharge, malaise and fever, thick gray membrane covering the throat and tonsils, rapid pulse. Scarlet fever is caused by a specific type of streptococcal bacteria. The bacteria produce a specific type of toxin that causes a rash.




measles[mI:zlz] кір

rubeola [ru:'bI:olq] кір

rubella [ru:'belq] краснуха

contagious [kqn'teIGqs] інфекційний, контагіозний

incomplete ["Inkqm'plI:t] недосконалий

address [q'dres] звертати увагу на, замислюватися над

tiny ['taInI] дуже маленький, крихітний

spot [spOt] пляма

persistent [pq'sIstqnt] стійкий; постійний

spike [spaIk] різко підніматися

blotchy ['blOCI] покритий плямами

fade [feId] поступово зникати

rid [rId] звільняти; рятувати

accompany [q'kAmpqnI] супроводжувати,

benefit ['benIfIt] мати користь, перевагу


Infinitive constructions and participles (revision)

Ex. 1. Read and translate the following sentences:

1. Mumps is known to be an acute specific infection. 2. Having filled the lateral region of the neck, the swelling extended upon the face. 3. The pain preceding the swelling is increased by movement of the jaws. 4. Pain, swelling, and numbness seemed to be not so severe after infra-red therapy. 5. As a rule, the invasion of scarlet fever is abrupt, the symptoms of the onset usually being directly in proportion to the severity of the attack. 6. We know the most prominent function of blood to be carrying oxygen to the tissue. 7. We know bacteria to be very small bodies, visible only through a microscope. 8. An unusual temperature course in many atypical cases of pneumonia is likely to lead to a mistake. 9. The mass being rather large and tender, laparotomy was indicated.

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