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The Doctor Arrival

Doctor: Hello, I`m doctor Narayan. We`ve got your radiogram. What`s the matter?

Chief Mate: Thank you for coming, doctor Narayan. You see, one of our sailors has seriously injured himself. The ship`s doctor dressed the wound on the injured leg, and bandaged it. But the man feels bad.

Doctor: Where is the man?

Chief Mate: He is in the sick-bay. This way, please.№

In the Sick-Bay.

Doctor: Hello. What`s troubling you?

Patient: It aches all over, doctor.

D: Let me examine you. Does it hurt here?

P: Yes, it hurts terribly.

D: Can you move at all?

P: I`m afraid I can`t. Besides I feel…well… I don`t know the English for itІ…what do you say in English when everything seems to be swimming? і

D: You feel dizzy, I believe. I`ll give you some medicine for the pain and dizziness. Are you allergic to any drugs?

P: I don`t think so.

D: I`m afraid I`ll have to take you to hospital. But first you should take these pills. (To the ship`s doctor) Will you put the man on the stretcher?

The Ship`s Doctor: Just a minute.

At the Hospital

Doctor: Lie down, please. Do you feel nauseous?

Patient: Pardon?

D: I mean are you sick?

P: Yes, I am. Is it serious, doctor? D: It must be the result of the concussion after your fall. Have you had your temperature taken?

P: Yes, I have. Last night the temperature was 38.

D: O`key, now you`ll be X-rayed and then we`ll see what to do.

P: Thank you, doctor.

At the Doctor`s.

Doctor Narayan: Your sailor ought to be operated on. The wound is serious.

The Ship`s Doctor: Will he need anything? Shall we leave any papers with you?

D.N.: Just the seaman`s book.

The Ship`s D.: Can we call on him after the operation?

D.N.: Yes, sure. Our visiting hours are from 12 till 7 p.m.

The Ship`s D.: Thank you. We are to stay in your port for about a week. We`ll keep in touch.

Пояснения к тексту.

1. This way, please¹. – (Проходите) сюда, пожалуйста.

2. I don`t know the English for it². – Я не знаю, как это сказать по-английски.

3. when everything seems to be swimming³ – когда кажется, что всё плывёт перед глазами

4. Have you had your temperature taken? – Вам измерили температуру?

Ex.6. Answer the questions and sum up your answers.

a) 1. What happened on board ship? 2. What was the matter with the motorman? 3. Who rendered him first aid? 4. Why was the ambulance called?

b) 1. Who met the doctor on board the bulker? 2. Did the doctor examine the sailor? 3. How did the patient feel? 4. What pills did the doctor give to the patient?

c) 1. Why was the patient taken to hospital? 2. Why did the patient feel nauseous? 3. Was he running a high or normal temperature? 4. Was the patient X-rayed at hospital or in the ship`s sick-bay?

d) 1. When was the patient to be operated on? 2. Could the Russian sailors call on him after the operation? 3. What were the hospital visiting hours? 4. How long was the ship to stay at the port at Calcutta?

Ex.7. Give the English equivalents to the following Russian terms.

оказывать первую медицинскую помощь; перевязать плечо; обработать рану; сломать ногу; вывихнуть плечо; плохо себя чувствовать; мне больно; меня тошнит; у меня кружится голова; у меня высокая температура; у меня сильно болит голова; сделать рентген; больному необходима операция.

Ex.8. Find the synonyms

a) What`s troubling you?; to feel nauseous; pardon?; to be wounded; to take pills; it hurts here; to be healthy; what`s wrong?; to be a sick man; to render aid

b) to be injured; to enjoy good health; what`s the trouble?; to be ill; what`s the matter; to render assistance; to feel pain here; I didn`t quite catch you; to take medicine; to be sick.


a) Read the story and insert the necessary modal verbs (may, can, to be able, must, to have (to), to be (to), should (ought).