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Text 1a

Ex.3. Read and translate the text, retell it as if you are the dentist.

At the dentist`s

Once I had had a toothache for several days, but I couldn`t pluck up courage to go to the dentist. As a matter of fact I went twice, but just as I got on his doorstep and was going to ring the bell the toothache seemed to have gone away, so I went home again. But at last I had to go back, and this time I rang the bell and was shown into the waiting-room.

There were a number of magazines there, and I had just got in the middle of an exciting story when the maid came in to say Mr. Puller was ready to see me – I`ll have to wait for the next toothache to finish the story.

Well, I went into the surgery (the room where a doctor or dentist gives advice or treatment) and he told me to sit in a chair that he could move up and down, backwards and forwards, and then he had a look at the inside of my mouth. He put a little mirror on a long handle inside my mouth and poked about for a while, then he looked serious and said, “Yes, I`m afraid we can`t save that one, it will have to come out.”

I asked him to give me an injection. He filled a syringe with liquid called cocaine. I felt a little prick on the gum and then he injected the cocaine. He did this in two or three places and waited for a minute or so.

My mouth felt rather dead. Then he took a pair of forceps, gripped the tooth, gave a twist, then a pull, and the tooth was out. I could see it and hear it but I couldn`t feel it. Then he said, “It`s all over. Spit in there and then wash your mouth out with this disinfectant”.

Ex.4. Master the active vocabulary

assistance – помощь

ladderлестница, трап

hurtпричинять боль

to hurt oneself – ушибиться

it hurts – больно


to render first aidоказывать первую медицинскую помощь

X-rayрентген; делать рентген

examineзд. осматривать больного

to be seriously examined – пройти серьёзный медосмотр

ambulanceскорая помощь

injureушибить, ранить

woundрана; ранить

to dress a woundобрабатывать рану

bandage – бинт; бинтовать

sick-bay – лазарет

troubleбеспокойство; беспокоить

What`s troubling you? – Что вас беспокоит?

What`s the trouble? – В чём проблема?

dizzyчувствующий головокружение

medicine (for) ( =drugs) – лекарство (от)

allergic – аллергический

pill – пилюля, таблетка

to take pills – принимать пилюли

stretcher – носилки

to feel nauseous – испытывать тошноту

to be (feel) sick – испытывать тошноту


operate (on) – оперировать

touchприкосновение; касаться

to keep in touch – поддерживать контакт

Text 2

Exercise 5. Read the text, words from ex.4. will help you to translate it.

Medical assistance

Once when a Russian bulker was on her way to Calcutta there was an accident on board. One of the motormen fell down from the engine-room ladder and hurt himself. The ship`s doctor could only render him first aid and said that the patient should be x-rayed and seriously examined. So a radiogram was sent and the ship berthed an ambulance was already waiting on the pier.