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1. Imagine you are in court. The following case is being heard.

On the June 22-23 night 2002 a man's body was found at 19/2 Bradley Drive, Olean, NYS, USA. The murdered - James Vane, 42 y.o., was the owner of three "James"' fast-food restaurants. His wife, Eleanor Vane, returned home from her friend's party at 2 a.m. and found her husband's body.

James Vane was lying on the first floor of his house. He was killed with a small heavy iron statue of Adonis between 9 and 11 p.m. The murderer smashed James Vane's head with the statue. Vane's neighbour, Mrs. Smith, saw James entering the house at 7:50 p.m. Some of Mrs. Vane's jewelry, worth about 2'000$ were missing. One of the jewels was found by Alfred Offenbach, Mrs. Vane's good friend, on the loan near the Vanes' house.

James Vane possessed 33.3% of "James' Ltd." shares. His two companions, Henry Wotton and Oscar Fleming, had equal amounts of shares - 33.3% each. Mr. Vane also had 1,322,473$ on his bank accounts and about 200,000$ in bonds. After James Vane's death his companions inherited 16.6% of "James' Ltd." shares each; his wife inherited аll the money on the bank accounts and all the bonds.

The evening before the murder James Vane spent with his companions, Henry Wotton and Oscar Fleming. They were playing pool and drinking beer in the "Amazon" club from 4 until 7:25 p.m. The three waitresses, one 'dancer and a dozen of customers saw them there. At 7:40 Henry Wotton gave James Vane a ride home. At 8:00 Mr. Wotton was home, but nobody can confirm that. His wife Victoria returned home at 10:15 p.m. and his daughter Julia was sleeping and didn't hear her father entering the house. Oscar Fleming spent another 45 minutes in the club and went home to Jamestown, PA, which is 35 miles away from Olean. He lives alone in the forest in a logged cabin with his cat and dog.

The police accused Mrs. Vane of murdering her husband.

2. Choose from the list which character you would like to adopt at the trial.

John Marshall - the judge

Ellis Page - the defender

Ronny Riethmiller - the prosecutor

Eleanor Vane - the defendant, James Vane's widow

Henry Wotton - James Vane's friend and companion

Oscar Fleming - James Vane's friend and companion

Victoria Wotton - Henry Wotton's wife

Alfred Offenbach - Eleanor Vane's friend

Laura Patrone - Eleanor Vane's close friend

Kate Wild - a dancer in the nightclub

Candice Rostan - a police officer

Julie Osborn - Alfred Offenbach's former lover

Lee Hubbard - the owner of the antique shop

Your teacher will give you a card with your task.

3. Work together and act out the session. Unit 4 ‘Controlling Crime’


1. Pre-listening task

1. Read the following passage.

Violent crime has dropped in the United States in recent years, but the overall crime rate is still alarmingly high. Crime control is one of the most difficult and controversial subjects in sociology. People have very different beliefs about the best way to lower the crime rate.

Many people believe that the best way to control crime is to stop it from happening in the first place. This might mean developing educational and social programmes to discourage young people from becoming involved in criminal activity, or having more police officers on the streets. Other people think that the best way to control crime is to have tougher punishments. This might include having stricter laws, more arrests, and longer prison terms.

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