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10. Rewrite each sentence so that the meaning stays the same.

a) They said that John had stolen the money.

They accused ______________________________________________________________

b) Ian said that he hadn’t punched anybody.

Ian denied _________________________________________________________________

c) ‘OK, Andy, you can go now,’ said the detective.

The detective gave Andy _____________________________________________________

d) ‘James Frogget, you will go to prison for ten years,’ said the judge.

The judge sentenced ________________________________________________________

e) ‘I forged the signature,’ said Mary.

Mary admitted _____________________________________________________________

f) Harry stole £ 60,000 and was arrested.

Harry was arrested __________________________________________________________

g) ‘We saw the accused break into the car,’ said the witnesses.

The witnesses stated ________________________________________________________

h) Graham said that he wouldn’t go to the police station.

Graham refused ___________________________________________________________

i) ‘It’s true,’ said Norman, ‘I murdered Alan.’

Norman confessed to _______________________________________________________

j) ‘Can you come with me, please,’ the detective said to Helen.

The detective asked ________________________________________________________

/from First Certificate Language Practice. English grammar and vocabulary. Michael Vince with Paul Emmerson/

11. Read the text below and decide which answer a, b, c or d best fits each space.

The young man had lived in a slum area of the city all his life and it was just a matter of time before he was in (1)_____ with the law. At school, which he hardly ever attended, not only did he (2)_____ the school property but he was also a bully, frightening and beating up other children. When he was fifteen, he was (3)_____ for breaking into a local shop. At the age of sixteen, he was (4)_____ with assault. He got off with two years' (5)_____ for this and was set free. Within six months, he was back in (6)_____ after he had been arrested for stealing cars. This time, he was (7)_____ to two years in prison. After his release, he again turned to crime. This time it was bank robbery. At his trial he pleaded (8)_____, despite the fact he had been caught red-handed. He was found (9)_____ and the judge sentenced him to ten years (10)_____. Sociologists blame his background, while others say he was just bad.

1. A problems B defence C trouble D court

2. A mug B vandalise C thieve D rob

3. A accused B charged C sentenced D arrested

4. A charged B accused C released D suspected

5. A punishment B bail C probation D fine

6. A court B probation C jail D trial

7. A punished B accused C committed D sentenced

8. A guilty B suspicion C innocent D free

9. A suspicious B guilty C illegal D against

10. A prison B probation C offence D imprisonment

/from First Certificate: Reading. Patrick McGavigan and John Reeves/

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