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2. Now listen and write the correct numbers in the blanks. Then compare your answers with a partner.

3. You will hear and take notes on a lecture given by Jonathan Stack, a filmmaker who has made several documentaries on prisons. Mr. Stack frequently lectures on criminal justice. The title of this lecture is The Death Penalty.

4. Using your notes, complete the following summary of the lecture. You will need to use more than one word in most of the blanks.

The Death Penalty

Mr. Jonathan Stack

Mr. Stack said that the death penalty is the most ______________________ issue in criminal justice. He does not believe in capital punishment. His first argument was that capital punishment does not ______________________ crime. Some states that practice this form of punishment also have high rates of ______________________. Secondly, he argued that capital punishment is not fair. The majority of people sentenced to death are _____________________.

Furthermore, a higher percentage of ______________________ are likely to be executed than whites. Finally, he pointed out that because we are human, we sometimes ______________________. He gave an example from the state of Illinois, where ______________________. He concluded by arguing that killing someone is ______________________.

5. Compare your summary with a partner. Remember that the ideas should be similar, but the words you use do not have to be exactly the same.

6. Continue the table below with the following words and expressions describing polar views. The first few are done for you.




to argue in favour of smth


to argue against smth

  • con

  • objection to smth

  • defender

  • pro

  • supporter

  • to accept smth

  • to admit smth

  • to agree to/with smth

  • to confirm smth

  • to consent to smth

  • to contradict to smth

  • to deny smth

  • to disagree with smth

  • to object to smth

  • to oppose smth

  • to reject smth

Speaking 3

1. Consider everything you read and heard about capital punishment. Discuss the pros and cons in small groups. List them on the chart below. Then form different small groups, and compare your charts.




/Adapted from Academic listening encounters: life in society. Student’s Book. Kim Sanabria/

2. Work in small groups and discuss these questions:

1. Which punishment do you prefer for people convicted of murder: the death penalty or life in prison with no chance of parole?

2. Do you agree or disagree with the statements below? Give reasons.

a. The death penalty is fair because it prevents killers from killing again.

b. The death penalty is unfair because sometimes an innocent person is executed.

c. The death penalty is unfair because it's applied differently from county to county and state to state.

d. The death penalty is fair because it gives satisfaction and closure to the families of murder victims.

e. The death penalty is fair because it's an eye for an eye -- the killer is killed.

f. The death penalty is unfair because it's applied unequally to blacks compared to whites.

3. Do you think the moratorium on state executions in Russia should be lifted?

Writing 3

Write an essay discussing the arguments for and against capital punishment.

Reading 3

You are going to read two texts about the court systems of the USA and the UK.

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