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2. Fill in the gaps with suitable words.

There are many (1)_________ for crime. Social scientists suggest that (2)__________ behaviour is due to social issues like unemployment, poor housing and lack of education. Therefore, they suggest that we can only (3)____________ crime by turning our attention to such issues and as a result help to improve society in general.

Others believe that people should take responsibility for their actions and that crime cannot be excused because of poverty or lack of education. Such people argue that strong (4)___________ should be taken against the smallest of offences, so that the (5)_____________ do not move on from petty to more (6)_____________ crime.

One thing that all people agree on is that the fear of crime has a detrimental effect on society and consequently communities should be helped to understand the real (7)___________ of crime in their area. The old saying 'Prevention is better than cure" is still valid, with a lot of local authorities setting up Crime Prevention Programmes for schools, businesses and homeowners. In many cases, these help to (8)______________ fear and also the incidence of crime, because of the clear information and practical suggestions they provide.

/adapted from First Certificate: Reading. Patrick McGavigan and John Reeves/

3. Read the text below, use the word given in capitals at the end of each line to form a word that fits in the space in the same line.

Video Cameras in the Street

The British are without doubt the most (1)_____________ watched people in the world. Although there are video cameras on nearly every street corner, the public seem (2)______________ of their existence. Video cameras record drivers who do not stop for a red traffic light, (3)_______________ between vehicles, reckless driving and (4)________________ of the speed limit on motorways. One (5)________________ as to why these cameras are not considered an invasion of (6)______________ is that both men and women feel safer knowing cameras can provide a form of (7)______________ . Citizens know that help is always available because guards are (8)__________ watching the cameras. Cameras have also contributed to the combating of (9)_____________ at football matches and sports events, as the fans know they are under (10)_____________ and their behaviour is much better than it used to be. Video cameras and (11)______________ systems can keep the rise in the crime rate under control.












/First Certificate: Use of English. Judy Copage with Tests by Jain Cook/

4. Put each of the following words and phrases into its correct place in the sentences below.


drug dealers

drug use

drug habit


drug abuse



drug-taking deprived of

drug dealing

coming off

drug trafficking

1. He does not smoke or _____________ drugs.

2. She was a drug ______________ (= could not stop using drugs).

3. He was charged with ___________.

4. Local people banded together to fight the _________________ .

5. Children need to be educated on the dangers of ___________ .

6. For drug addicts, the need to feed the ______________ takes priority over everything else.

7. They held an international forum on _____________ in New York.

8. The travel company is just a front for _________________.

9. Many of them had been initiated into ________________ at an early age.

10. She denies _______________ the drug with intent to supply.

11. Some addicts suffer violent mood swings if they are _______________ the drug.

12. ______________ the drug was a long and painful process for him.

13. He turned to crime to support his _________________ .

/adapted from Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary/

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