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Глоссарий (пример)



Idiomatic expression

“Certainly the technological revolution has taken its toll.” — приносить потери (чему-л.)

toll1 n 2 (=потери; жертвы) the death ~ on the roads – количество аварий на дорогах ; there is a heavy ~; the disease takes a heavy ~ each year; the effort took its ~ on all of us


“Even the growing outsourcing trend has spawned the elimination of corporate jobs –many of them human resources jobs.” субдоговор заключение субдоговора на выполнение работ с внешними фирмами, особенно иностранными или теми, которые не имеют профсоюза

ODB outsourcing n The buying in of components, sub-assemblies, finished products, and services from outside suppliers rather than by supplying them internally. A firm may decide to buy in rather than supply internally because it lacks the expertise, investment capital, or physical space required to do so. It may also be able to buy in more cheaply or more quickly than manufacturing in-house. More recently this decision may be taken in the process of business process re-engineering or downsizing, when specific activities have been redefined as noncore activities. In certain instances, computer, legal, and personnel services have been outsourced as well as the more traditional manufactured components.

ODE outsourcing n The practice of buying goods and services

from outside suppliers, rather than producing them within a

firm. This is widespread among both firms and government

agencies. Outsourcing may be used because specialist

outside suppliers can apply more specialized skills, and can

benefit from economies of scale or scope not available

within the firm. It may also be used because adjusting

output to variations in demand and maintaining the quality

of inputs may be easier via enforcing contracts with outside

suppliers than in dealing with a strongly unionized internal


OBB outsourcing n покупка деталей, узлов, готовых изделий и услуг у внешнего поставщика

ALC outsourcing n заключение субдоговора на выполнение работ с внешними фирмами, особенно иностранными или теми, которые не имеют

DEF outsourcing n практика покупки товаров и услуг у внешнего поставщика вместо собственного производства


“The Pros & Cons of Outsourcing IT (Information Technology).

Guidelines for Making a Solid Outsourcing Decision [...] As you

learn more about outsourcing, you may run across the concept that outsourcing eliminates infrastructure costs and management. While this is often listed as a benefit of outsourcing, and is true on some levels—for instance, outsourcing can eliminate or smooth

o ut your upfront capital investment, shift the risk of technology obsolescence to your consultant, and reduce the need to provide ongoing salaries and benefits for a full internal IT staff -- it is also misleading. While you may realize management efficiencies through the reduced need for overseeing day-to-day operations, the skills, time, and effort needed to manage and maintain a beneficial outsourcing partnership is often far greater than anticipated.”