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International Economic Integration. Course of lectures


One of the main trends of the global economy in the second half of the twentieth century was certainly a tendency to deepen the internationalization of economic life that becomes the character patterns of the development of modern civilization. Its display is accompanied by the deepening international division of labor and other production factors essential transformation in the balance of power between the subjects of the world economy, the development of a new, globalized model of economic development, internationalization of scientific and technical sphere.

Under the influence of increasing internationalization of economic life of the world unity, interdependence, mutual, mutual interpenetration and complementarity of national economies. In these processes between groups of countries in the subregion, region, continent and even on intercontinental level have common interests that require joint efforts to implement them. The presence of such concerns can spur economic and political integration processes on the first sub-regional and regional levels, and further, under the influence of globalization and integration into the continental and intercontinental scale.

Starting in the 50's of the twentieth century. Western Europe, the integration process applies to all continents and at the end of the twentieth century. nature becomes a defining trend in the global world economy development. Having integration groupings such as the European Economic Community sub-regional, intercontinental Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, a continental North American Association (zone) of free trade. Economic integration is complemented by political.

International economic and political integration has been a subject of scientific research. Economic science concepts enriched representatives market, liberal school, market and institutional direction dyryzhyzmu supporters. Classical economic theory was the five-model of the integration process proposed by American economist known representative market-institutional school B. Belashi. Later, western scholars proposed communicative, functional, neofunktsionalna, unifikatsiyna and some other concept of international economic and political integration.

In the late twentieth century. - At the beginning of. international economic and political integration becomes a factor in further strengthening the internationalization of world economy, the highest form of its manifestation. The defining characteristic of economic links is integrating cooperation of countries that joined in integration groupings. Under the influence of global economic and political transformations of the global, the global integration process becomes.

After the disintegration of the world socialist system and the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance and the collapse of the Soviet Union, Ukraine is drawn to the global integration process through participation in the CIS to join the Central European Initiative, active in the creation of the Black Sea Economic Community, the orientation of foreign policy on cooperation with the European Union. Ukraine is actively developing economic cooperation with Member States, integration associations in different regions of the world, such as NAFTA, ASEAN, MERCOSUR. Taken once a hypothetical national researchers concluded that given the global political and economic transformation can be established competitive national economy that leverage opportunities transnationalization and regional economic integration ˮ, it seems, at the beginning of. Working with the hypothesis becomes a real subject of scientific research.

Lecture 1. Scientific concept of international economic and political integration

1.1. Evolution of the global integration process.

1.2. Traditional approaches to the scientific study of international integration.

1.3. Innovative, modern theories of economic and political integration.

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