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8. Translate from Ukrainian into English.

1. Катодно-променева трубка (КПТ) - це трубка для виводу графічних даних на монітор.

2. Задня частина трубки має негативно заряджений катод.

3. Електронна пушка вистрілює електрони із трубки на заряджений екран.

4. Екран вкритий фосфорними точками, які починають світитися при зіткненні з електронним потоком.

5. Чим ближчі пікселі один до одного, тим чіткішим може бути зображення на екрані.

II. Retell the text “Cathode ray tube”.

III. Rendering.

1. Read the text and translate it using a dictionary.

Eye strain - but that's not the only problem

It is not believed that the computer screen, or television screen, damages eyes. There is, however, a condition, "Computer Vision Syndrome", which is associated with the symptoms of eye strain (dry eyes, headache, fatigue, and sometimes some blurring of vision).

While some of these symptoms can occur as a result of prolonged screen viewing, itself; some can be associated with the lighting in the room, the position of the monitor, one's chair height, and other factors that can cause muscles that would otherwise not be tense to be tensed.

Before being too reassured about the monitor's long-term affect on your eyes, however, it is important to know that your eyes may be the least of your problems.

Behind your eyes is the pineal gland. a pea-sized gland that is affected by light and that regulates your body clock, along with your body's chemistry. The pineal gland produces normally produces melatonin (usually at night), and exposure to light (particularly the type of light produced by a computer screen) interrupts this natural process.

Among things said to be affected by too much light, or unnaturally long periods of exposure to it, are the immune system, moods, and even premature aging. Further, there is reason to suspect that the too much exposure to light could result in interfering with the production of a tumor-suppressing hormone.

In a Washington Post article, "Lights at Night Tied to Breast Cancer," by Rick Weiss, the issue of higher rates of breast cancer in women who live in areas that have a high degree of night-time illumination is addressed. Weiss points out that light in the blue part of the spectrum, which is light from computer screens and fluorescent bulbs, is of particular concern.

2. Make up a plan in the form of questions.

3. Give а summary of the text according to your plan in a written form.

IV. Comprehensive skills

1. Read and remember.

computer setup параметри комп’ютеру

upgraded monitor модернізований монітор

color fidelity точність відтворення кольору

aspect ratio аспектне відношення

Widescreen monitor широкоекранний монітор

Editing редагування

negative attributes негативні характеристики (вади)

appear blurred розпливчастий

2. Listen to the textComputer monitors” and try to understand it.

3. Read these statements and answer if they are true or false?

1. While you use your keyboard, mouse and other devices to interact with your applications and the internet, you are not always looking at your monitor.

2. Computer monitors are available in a variety of formats.

3. An LCD monitor at any given size takes up less space, weighs less and uses less energy than an equivalent CRT.

4. LCD monitors of the standard format can easily display multiple documents side by side, so you can work in two or more applications simultaneously.

5. Perhaps one of the most notable positive attributes of LCD monitors is a reduced viewing angle when compared to CRT.

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