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Documentation Library Overview

Documentation Library Overview

Your Oracle documentation set is provided in both HTML and PDF formats on two CD-ROMs in your CD Pack that are labeled as follows:

Oracle9i Online Documentation Library CD-ROM for Windows

Oracle9i Online Documentation Library CD-ROM for Windows - Installation CD

Use the first CD-ROM to browse the library from the CD-ROM or copy files directly to a local system. Use the second CD-ROM to install the documentation library with Oracle Universal Installer. The contents of the library are the same on both CDs.

The library includes a Web-based search tool that enables you to search for information about a particular product, parameter, file name, procedure, error message, or other area of interest. The search tool also makes it possible to construct a "virtual book" drawn from the complete documentation library, but consisting of topics and procedures relevant for your needs. The library also includes a comprehensive Master Index, as well as lists of SQL and PL/SQL keywords, initialization parameters, catalog views, and data dictionary views.

Instructions for installing the library and viewing its contents are in three README files at the root level of the documentation CD-ROMs:




The contents of the three files are identical; only the format differs.

The following manuals are not included on the Oracle9i Online Windows Documentation CD-ROM:

This installation guide and Oracle9i release notes for Windows

To access these documents before installation, open start_here.htm in the \doc directory on the component CD-ROM.

To access these documents after installation, choose Start > Programs > Oracle - HOME_NAME > Release Documentation or open start_here.htm in the ORACLE_BASE\ORACLE_HOME\doc directory on your hard drive.

1-8 Oracle9i Client Installation Guide

What Documentation Do I Read First?

Oracle Migration Workbench documentation

The latest version can be viewed at: http://otn.oracle.com/

Oracle Migration Workbench

After installation, Oracle Migration Workbench documentation is available in:


What Documentation Do I Read First?

The README file at the root level of the documentation CD-ROM includes a description of your Oracle documentation set. This README provides a list of:

Available online documentation formats

Documentation available on your Oracle9i Online Windows Documentation CD-ROM

Oracle Corporation recommends that you read or review the documentation listed in Table 1–2 before you install Oracle components. This helps ensure that you make the correct decisions during Oracle component installation.

Table 1–2 What Documentation Do I Read First?

For Information About...


Important last-minute installation and configuration information

Oracle9i release notes for Windows (click start_here.htm in the \doc directory on the component CD-ROM.)

Note: After installation, view README files for additional components in the ORACLE_BASE\ORACLE_ HOME\relnotes directory.

How to obtain customer

Oracle Customer Support Guide



Basic database concepts and administration

Oracle9i Concepts

Oracle9i Administrator’s Guide

Oracle9i Administrator’s Guide for Windows

Oracle Enterprise Manager concepts and administration

Oracle Enterprise Manager Concepts Guide

Oracle Enterprise Manager Administrator’s Guide

Oracle Enterprise Manager Configuration Guide

Networking concepts and Oracle9i Net Services Administrator’s Guide administration

Introducing Oracle9i Client for Windows 1-9

Getting Started with Installation

Table 1–2 What Documentation Do I Read First? (Cont.)

For Information About...




Noninteractive installation

"About Installing Oracle Components in Noninteractive

using response files

Mode" on page B-2

Installing Oracle components in multiple homes on a computer

"Using Optimal Flexible Architecture with Windows Databases and Clients" on page 1-2

"Multiple Oracle Homes and Optimal Flexible Architecture" of Oracle9i Getting Started for Windows

Installing all Oracle

Chapter 4, "Installing Oracle Components"

components available on the






Getting Started with Installation

You are now ready to begin the installation process. To start quickly, follow these chapters in the order listed:





Find out about installation requirements for:

Chapter 2, "Preinstallation Requirements"

Each installation type

Individual components

Single Oracle home components

Networking protocols and vendors

Select a method for configuring your Oracle Net client

Chapter 3, "Selecting Oracle Net Services


Configuration Methods"



Install and deinstall Oracle components

Chapter 4, "Installing Oracle Components"



Install Oracle components noninteractively

"About Installing Oracle Components in


Noninteractive Mode" on page B-2



1-10 Oracle9i Client Installation Guide

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