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Individual Component Postinstallation Configuration Tasks

Individual Component Postinstallation Configuration Tasks

Some individual components require postinstallation configuration tasks. Table 5–1 lists configuration requirements and the sections or documents referenced for specific configuration procedures. This table does not include postinstallation configuration tasks for Oracle Workflow.

See Also: "Oracle Workflow" on page 5-6

Table 5–1 Individual Component Postinstallation Configuration Tasks



See Also...




Management Pack

After installation is complete, you have additional

Getting Started with the Oracle

for Oracle

configuration tasks to perform before using the

Management Pack for Oracle


Management Pack for Oracle Applications.





Oracle Advanced

Authentication, encryption, integrity support, and

Oracle Advanced Security


enterprise user security require configuration.

Administrator’s Guide




Oracle HTTP Server

You can start, stop, and verify the status of Oracle

Oracle Enterprise Manager


HTTP Server; view the default initial static page; and

Configuration Guide


check log files.


Oracle Net Services

Oracle Net Configuration Assistant is a tool that assists

network software

you in configuring your Oracle network.


If you installed Oracle Net Services, Oracle Net


Configuration Assistant automatically guided you


through network configuration of client computers and


Oracle9i Database servers.


You can also configure your Oracle network after


installation with the Oracle Net Configuration Assistant


and Oracle Net Manager tools.

Oracle9i Net Services Administrator’s Guide and the online help available with both tools

"Configuring Your Client Network" on page 3-3 for a discussion of available configuration choices

5-4 Oracle9i Client Installation Guide

Individual Component Postinstallation Configuration Tasks

Table 5–1 Individual Component Postinstallation Configuration Tasks (Cont.)



See Also...




Oracle Services for

For Windows NT installation, if you did not install the

"Managing Recovery


Microsoft Management Console (MMC) before

Scenarios" of Oracle Developer’s

Transaction Server

installing Oracle9i, then you must manually start the

Guide for Microsoft Transaction


OracleMTSRecoveryService service and change its



status to Automatic.



Perform the following tasks before using Oracle



Services for Microsoft Transaction Server:



Create the Microsoft Transaction Server



administrator account



Schedule a database server-level transaction



recovery job






Pro*COBOL supports specific compilers.

"Introducing Pro*COBOL" of



Pro*COBOL Precompiler Getting



Started for Windows




SQL*Plus help file

If you want to use online help with SQL*Plus, you must

"Installing SQL*Plus Help and


populate the SQL*Plus tables with help files.

Demonstration Tables" of



SQL*Plus Getting Started for







Postinstallation Configuration Tasks 5-5

Individual Component Postinstallation Configuration Tasks

Oracle Workflow

This section contains these topics:

Oracle Workflow Postinstallation Tasks

workflow.log File

Installing and Configuring Your Web Server for Oracle Workflow

Oracle Workflow Postinstallation Tasks

You must perform a number of configuration procedures, including:

Editing the init.ora parameter file

Installing and configuring a Web server

Verifying your base URL

Setting up the Oracle Workflow Monitor and HTML help

See Also:

Oracle Workflow Client Installation Notes

Oracle Workflow Guide

workflow.log File

The workflow.log file produced during installation of Oracle Workflow can contain sensitive information. To protect this sensitive information, either delete workflow.log or change the permissions for the file so that only authorized administrators can access it.

5-6 Oracle9i Client Installation Guide

Individual Component Postinstallation Configuration Tasks

Installing and Configuring Your Web Server for Oracle Workflow

If you install Oracle9i Application Server release as your Web server, specify the settings listed in Table 5–2 when creating a Database Access Descriptor (DAD) for Oracle Workflow.

Table 5–2 Oracle Workflow DAD Settings





Database Access Descriptor Name




Schema Name

Leave Blank



Oracle User Name

Leave Blank



Oracle Password

Leave Blank



Oracle Connect String




Authentication Mode




Session Cookie Name

Leave Blank



Package/Session Management Type

Stateless (Reset Package State)



Enable Connection Pooling?




Default (Home) Page




Attention: Be sure you leave the Oracle User Name and Oracle Password blank to enable mod_plsql database authentication.

You can also leave any remaining settings blank.

Postinstallation Configuration Tasks 5-7

Individual Component Postinstallation Configuration Tasks

5-8 Oracle9i Client Installation Guide


Individual Components Available for Installation

This appendix identifies higher-level components available with each installation type. The Custom installation type is not listed since it enables installation of all components.

Specific topics discussed are:

Oracle9i Client Components

Component Descriptions

Note: Some components can only be installed through a Custom installation. Such components have an availability of "No" listed for other installation types in the tables in this appendix.

See Also: "Reviewing the Installation Session Log" on page 4-8 for information about a log file of all components and features installed (including lower-level components such as Required Support Files or Common Files)

Individual Components Available for Installation A-1

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