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Installing Oracle Components

5.Review the space requirements to ensure that you have enough disk space and choose Install.

6.Wait until the selected components are installed and any configuration tools have completed running.

The End of Installation window appears.

7.Choose Exit to exit Oracle Universal Installer or choose Next Install to install additional components.

See Also: "Reviewing the Installation Session Log" on page 4-8 for a summary of your installation session

Reviewing the Installation Session Log

The first time the Installer runs it creates the SYSTEM_DRIVE:\Program Files\Oracle\Inventory\logs directory. An inventory of installed components and installation actions performed are kept in this directory.

installActions.log is the most recent log file. Log file names of previous installation sessions are also in this directory and take the form installActionsdate_time.log (for example, installActions2001-07-14_09-00-56-am.log).

You can also view a list of installed components by choosing Installed Products on any window of Oracle Universal Installer. A window of installed programs appears.

Note: Do not delete or manually alter the Inventory directory or its contents. Doing so can prevent the Installer from locating products that you install on your system.

4-8 Oracle9i Client Installation Guide

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