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Preinstallation Requirements

This chapter describes preinstallation requirements for an Oracle9i Client installation.

This chapter contains these topics:

Single Oracle Home Components

Client Component System Requirements

Mandatory Individual Component Requirements

Migration and Upgrade Requirements

Networking Protocol Vendor Requirements

Preinstallation Requirements 2-1

Single Oracle Home Components

Single Oracle Home Components

Most Oracle components can be installed multiple times on the same computer. However, the following components can only be installed once for each computer:

Oracle Objects for OLE

Oracle Provider for OLE DB

Notes: All Oracle7 components and all Oracle8 release 8.0.3 components are non-multiple Oracle home products.

See Also: "Using Optimal Flexible Architecture with Windows Databases and Clients" on page 1-2

If you attempt to install these components a second time, Oracle Universal Installer detects that these products are already installed in another Oracle home and automatically removes them from the installation process without prompting you. The following information is logged to the installActions.log file in the c:\Program Files\Oracle\Inventory\logs directory.

# product_name is a single oracle home product. It is already installed in currently_installed_location.

If you are performing an installation and notice that one or more single Oracle home components are not available for installation during the current session, check to see if any of these components or any previous versions of these components are installed in another Oracle home. If you want to install these in the currently selected Oracle home, then first deinstall the conflicting versions.

See Also: Appendix A, "Individual Components Available for Installation" for the installation types under which these components are installed

2-2 Oracle9i Client Installation Guide

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