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Planning Your Installation

Table 1–1 describes how to navigate these windows with keyboard commands:

Table 1–1 Keyboard Commands for Navigating Oracle Universal Installer


Use The...



Move up and down a list of components

Up and down arrows



Open an expandable tree of components

Right arrow



Close an expanded tree of components

Left arrow



Select or deselect a component

Space bar



See Also: The Microsoft Web site for information on standard keyboard navigational commands:


Oracle9i Client Products for Installation

The Oracle9i Client is a front-end database application that connects to the database through one or more application servers. There are three Client installation types: Administrator, Runtime, and Custom.

Administrator: If you select this type, Oracle Universal Installer installs the Oracle Enterprise Manager Console, including enterprise management tools, networking services, utilities, and basic client software.

Runtime: If you select this type, Oracle Universal Installer installs networking services and support files.

Custom: If you select this type, Oracle Universal Installer prompts you to select individual components to install from the components available with Administrator and Runtime.

See Also: Appendix A, "Individual Components Available for Installation" for a list of individual components installed with each installation type

1-6 Oracle9i Client Installation Guide

Planning Your Installation

Licensing Information

Although the component CD-ROM in your CD pack contains many Oracle components, you may use only those components for which you have purchased licenses. Those components that require separately purchasable licenses are identified in their descriptions in Appendix A.

Oracle Support Services does not provide support for components for which licenses have not been purchased.

See Also:

"Oracle9i Options" on page 1-7

Appendix A, "Individual Components Available for Installation"

Oracle9i Options

The following products require a separate license:

Oracle Advanced Security

Oracle Change Management Pack

Oracle Diagnostics Pack

Oracle Management Pack for SAP R/3

Oracle Management Pack for Oracle Applications

Oracle Tuning Pack

See Also:

Global License Terms for additional licensing information

"Component Descriptions" on page A-7

Introducing Oracle9i Client for Windows 1-7

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