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Installing Oracle Components

This chapter describes how to install Oracle components from the component CD-ROM.

This chapter contains these topics:

Installation Differences Between Windows NT and UNIX

Preinstallation Tasks

Installing Oracle Components

Deinstalling Oracle Components and Services

See Also:

"Using Optimal Flexible Architecture with Windows Databases and Clients" on page 1-2

"Oracle Universal Installer Restrictions" on page 1-5

"Using the Keyboard to Navigate Oracle Universal Installer" on page 1-5

Appendix B, "Advanced Installation Topics" for information on such topics as using response files, and installing and using Oracle components in different languages.

The README file on the documentation CD-ROM for information on installing and viewing your Oracle9i Online Documentation CD-ROM for Windows

Installing Oracle Components 4-1

Installation Differences Between Windows NT and UNIX

Installation Differences Between Windows NT and UNIX

Database administrators experienced with installing Oracle components in UNIX environments must note that many manual setup tasks required on UNIX are not required on Windows operating systems. Table 4–1 lists the key differences between UNIX and Windows installation.

Table 4–1 Key Differences between UNIX and Windows Installations


On UNIX Platforms...

On Windows Platforms...




Environment variables, such as

Must be set manually

Are set in the registry by Oracle



Universal Installer







DBA account for database

Must be created manually

Is created by Oracle Universal







Account for running Oracle

Must be created manually

Is not required

Universal Installer






Account solely dedicated to

Must be created manually

Is not required

installing and upgrading Oracle









See Also: "Oracle9i Windows/UNIX Differences" of Oracle9i

Getting Started for Windows

4-2 Oracle9i Client Installation Guide

Preinstallation Tasks

Preinstallation Tasks

Perform the following tasks before installing Oracle components.

Note: The ORACLE_HOME environment variable is automatically set in the registry. Setting this variable is not necessary or recommended and prevents multiple Oracle home environments from functioning properly.

To perform preinstallation tasks:

1.Read the appropriate online documentation described in "What Documentation Do I Read First?" on page 1-9 before you begin installation.

2.Review and satisfy applicable system and component requirements in Chapter 2, "Preinstallation Requirements" before you begin installation.

3.Start your operating system.

4.Log on as a member of the Administrators group to the computer on which to install Oracle components.

5.If applicable, install and test your network hardware and software.

6.Stop all Oracle services (if any are running) for the Oracle home into which you want to install Oracle components:

a.On Windows NT, choose Start > Settings > Control Panel > Services. On Windows 2000, choose Start > Programs > Administrative Tools > Services.

b.If any Oracle services (their names begin with Oracle) exist and have the status Started, select the service and choose Stop on Windows NT, or choose Action > Stop on Windows 2000.

c.Choose Close to exit the Services window.

7.Continue to "Installing Oracle Components" on page 4-4.

See Also:

"Using Optimal Flexible Architecture with Windows Databases and Clients" on page 1-2

"Multiple Oracle Homes and Optimal Flexible Architecture" of

Oracle9i Getting Started for Windows for more information

Installing Oracle Components 4-3

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