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Migration and Upgrade Requirements

Migration and Upgrade Requirements

This guide does not cover Oracle database migration and upgrade requirements.

See Also: Oracle9i Migration

Policies for Linking and Relinking Applications

Oracle Corporation recommends that you upgrade your client software to match the current server software. For example, if you upgrade your Oracle server to release 1 (9.0.1), then Oracle corporation recommends upgrading the client software to release 1 (9.0.1) as well. Keeping the server and client software at the same release number ensures the maximum stability for your applications. In addition, the latest Oracle client software may provide added functionality and performance enhancements that were not available with previous releases.

See Also: Oracle9i Migration for rules regarding linking and relinking applications when you perform a feature release upgrade of the client software

Networking Protocol Vendor Requirements

Table 2–3 lists the supported vendor for each networking protocol:

Table 2–3 Supported Networking Protocol Vendors

Protocol Feature

Operating System

Supported Vendor




TCP/IP protocol

Windows NT and Windows 98

Microsoft TCP/IP




Named Pipes protocol

Windows NT and Windows 98

Microsoft NETBEUI




Host naming method

Windows NT

Microsoft TCP/IP




Windows native authentication method

Windows NT and Windows 98





Logical Unit Type 6.2 (LU6.2) protocol

Windows NT

LU6.2 protocol support is obsolete



in this release.




Note: The VI protocol is not supported on Windows platforms for this release.

2-8 Oracle9i Client Installation Guide

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