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About Web-based Installations

About Web-based Installations

To install Oracle components from a Web browser:

1.Configure your Web server so that it can serve files from the release 1 (9.0.1) component CD-ROM.

2.In the File Locations window of Oracle Universal Installer, enter the URL of the products.jar file. For example:


Advanced Installation Topics B-7

About Web-based Installations

B-8 Oracle9i Client Installation Guide


Globalization Support

This appendix describes Globalization Support.

This appendix contains these topics:

About NLS_LANG Parameters

Commonly Used Values for NLS_LANG

NLS_LANG Settings in MS-DOS Mode and Batch Mode

Globalization Support C-1

About NLS_LANG Parameters

About NLS_LANG Parameters

Oracle provides Globalization Support that enables users to interact with a database in their own language, as defined by the NLS_LANG parameter. When you install Oracle9i components, the NLS_LANG parameter is set in the registry.

The default value of the NLS_LANG parameter at installation is automatically chosen based on the locale setting of the operating system. The operating system locale and NLS_LANG value mappings are listed under "Commonly Used Values for NLS_LANG" on page C-3.

The NLS_LANG parameter is stored in the registry under the HKEY_LOCAL_ MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ORACLE\HOMEID\NLS_LANG subkey, where ID is the unique number identifying the Oracle home.

The NLS_LANG parameter uses the following format:




Specifies the language and conventions for displaying messages,


day name, and month name.


Specifies the territory and conventions for calculating week and


day numbers.


Controls the character set used for displaying messages.

See Also:

Oracle9i Getting Started for Windows for more information on the subkey locations for multiple Oracle homes

Oracle9i Globalization and National Language Support Guide for information on the NLS_LANG parameter and Globalization Support initialization parameters

C-2 Oracle9i Client Installation Guide

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