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Selecting Oracle Net Services Configuration


This chapter describes the Oracle Net Services client configuration methods available during installation. At a minimum, you must understand the creation and networking methods before performing an installation.

This chapter contains these topics:

About Network Configuration Methods

Configuring Your Client Network

See Also:

Glossary for definitions of terms used in this chapter

Oracle9i Net Services Administrator’s Guide for detailed descriptions of the networking concepts in this chapter

Selecting Oracle Net Services Configuration Methods 3-1

About Network Configuration Methods

About Network Configuration Methods

Oracle Universal Installer provides several methods for configuring your Oracle Net client networking environment during installation.

The method to select during installation depends upon:

Your own expertise with network configuration

The requirements of your network environment

You must understand these methods before you begin installation. By reviewing the information in this chapter, you can ensure that you configure a network environment that best matches your needs from the beginning.

Oracle Net components are installed through several installation types. Review the installation types in Table 3–1 to identify how much user input is required for network configuration during installation. See the remaining sections of this chapter for specific details on what information is automatically created, and what information you must provide.

Table 3–1 Installation Types


User Input Required for Oracle Net

Installation Types



Amount of Input



Oracle9i Client1






Custom, and select:


Oracle Net Services

Minimal2 or Extensive2

1You cannot install an Oracle9i database from the Oracle9i Client component CD-ROM.

2Selecting through the Custom installation type prompts you to create a configuration requiring either minimal user input or a configuration requiring extensive user input. See "Configuring Your Client Network" on page 3-3 for more information.

3-2 Oracle9i Client Installation Guide

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