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Using PL/SQL Packages

Goods which are not shared are not goods. —Fernando de Rojas

This chapter shows how to bundle related PL/SQL code and data into a package. The package might include a set of procedures that forms an API, or a pool of type definitions and variable declarations. The package is compiled and stored in the database, where its contents can be shared by many applications.

This chapter contains these topics:

What Is a PL/SQL Package? on page 9-2

Advantages of PL/SQL Packages on page 9-3

Understanding The Package Specification on page 9-4

Understanding The Package Body on page 9-6

Some Examples of Package Features on page 9-7

Private Versus Public Items in Packages on page 9-11

Overloading Packaged Subprograms on page 9-11

How Package STANDARD Defines the PL/SQL Environment on page 9-12

Overview of Product-Specific Packages on page 9-12

Guidelines for Writing Packages on page 9-13

Separating Cursor Specs and Bodies with Packages on page 9-14

Using PL/SQL Packages 9-1

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