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19. What can one get for work? Match the words and word combinations in the left column with their definition in the right one.

  1. pay

  2. sick pay

  3. holiday pay

  4. overtime pay

  5. wages

  6. salary

  7. fee

  8. royalty

  9. grant

  10. bonus

  11. commission

    1. a sum paid to the owner of a copyright or patent, e.g. to an author for each copy of his book sold

    2. pay given o employees who are on holiday

    3. money paid for regular work

    4. fixed, regular pay given to professional people, such as teachers, lawyers, managers, etc.; it is usually paid monthly, often by cheque and is sometimes expressed as a yearly figure

    5. an amount of money that a government or other organization gives to someone to help pay for his / her education, research work, etc.

    6. payment to a person for selling goods, which increases with the quantity of goods sold

    7. money given every week to manual workers, clerks, typists and other office-workers below management level, shop assistants, etc.; the money is paid in cash; it may vary from week to week, because it may include overtime pay, sometimes a bonus

    8. money paid at a higher rate for any extra hours

    9. a payment maid to doctors, lawyers, teachers, architects and other professional people for their services, if these services are given on a private basis; it is not regular and is given for a certain piece of work

    10. an additional payment for a particular reason, e.g. higher productivity

    11. pay given to an employee who is absent because of illness

20. Fill in the gaps with nouns denoting forms of payment.

  1. What are the average _______ of skilled workers in your country?

  2. His consultant ______ for the design work came to more than $200,000.

  3. You get a 10% _______ on everything you sell.

  4. You can get a _______ to go to college.

  5. The publisher offered him a _______ of 10% of the price of the book on all copies sold.

  6. He doesn’t like the job, but the _______ is good.

  7. Most full-time employees receive _______ for two weeks of holiday and _______ if they are ill.

  8. The company employees got a $25 Christmas _______.

  9. Brian is an engineer and recently he has been offered a more interesting job but at a slightly lower _______.

  10. My father often worked on Saturdays and Sundays and received _______.

21. Put each of the following words or phrases in its correct place in the passage below.

elderly medical treatment physically disabled pension schooling mentally handicapped eligible out of work social services benefits social workers welfare state retire subsidized low incomes

A country which helps its old, sick, disabled and unemployed is called a _____. _____ people receive a state ______ when they _____ at the age of 60 or 65. People with ____who cannot afford to buy or rent decent accommodation are given houses or flats with _____ rents, which means that the government or local council supports the rent to keep it low. Sick people get free ____ from their doctor or at the hospital. Mothers of small children get special state financial ____ , and of course older children receive free _____ . ______ people, who cannot move normally, and ______ people, whose minds are not fully developed, also receive special assistance and, if necessary, special equipment to help them live normal lives. People who are ____ are normally _____ to receive unemployment benefit, which is paid by the state. The _____ (government departments responsible for people's well-being) will help people who, financially, physically or psychologically, have difficulty in coping with life and _______ will visit such people in their homes.

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