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1. Define the following words:

Starter, entrée, appetizer, hors-d’oeuvre, cutlery, bland, greasy, rare, done to a turn, stodgy, more-ish, savoury.

2. Match each verb on the left below with the food item on the right it is most often associated with:

  1. to pluck

  2. to crack

  3. to grate

  4. to knead

  5. to peel

  6. to skin

  7. to slice

  8. to carve

  9. to mince

  10. to shell

  11. to toss

  12. to whip

  13. to stuff

  14. to mash

  15. to beat

  16. to ice

  17. to scale


an orange

a chicken

a nut

a rabbit

a joint of meat


a loaf



a hard-boiled egg


a cake

a pancake

a chicken



3. Use the taste and flavour words to describe the following:

  1. Indian curry;

  2. pizza;

  3. sea water;

  4. an unripe apple;

  5. a cup of tea with five spoonfuls of sugar;

  6. strong black coffee with no sugar;

g) factory-made white bread;

h) his cooking is always heavy, hard to digest;

i) these chips are made in too much oil.

4. Fill in the gaps with suitable words:

  1. The children have no appetite. They just _____ their food. They hardly eat anything.

  2. My mother always used to day to me, “Now make sure you ______ meat carefully before you ______ it.”

  3. In Britain people ______ four million tons of potatoes every year.

  4. He has an enormous appetite. I’ve seen him ______ four hamburgers and a pile of chips at a sitting.

e) It's not good for your body to ______ your food so quickly. Eat slowly so that you can _______ it properly.

h) He was so hungry that when he'd finished his food, he began to________ the plate.

5. Replace the underlined words and phrases with appropriate words similar in meaning:

  1. These pistachio nuts are delicious. I want to eat more.

  2. Mm, this chicken is just perfect, not overdone,

  3. These Iamb chops would be nice done over hot coals.

  4. Have you added herbs and spices to the stew?

  5. Shall I boil the meat with vegetables in the same pot or would you prefer it as a casserole?

  6. Would you like your steak cooked very quickly and still red or cooked longer and not pink at all?

6. Supply the best words:

  1. Tomatoes are very nice ______.

  2. A_______ is a piece of furniture in a dining room.

  3. A light meal. _________.

  4. We can speak of the con_______

  5. The first course is __________.

  1. A large meal for important guests. ________.

  2. Boil the milk in this small _____

8. Food becomes this in a deep freeze. ________

9. a little butter in a pan.

10. The salad has been dressed ______ oil.

11. I love salmon.

12. I have a very good ______for onion soup.

  1. Please a couple of lemons for me.

  2. What shall I do with the _____?

15. Do you want your food ________or not?

16. The toast has been _______.

17. ______ two egg whites until they are stiff.

18. some butter on your toast.

  1. Here's a packet of ______ biscuits.

  2. These apples have _______.

  3. That fruit salad smells ______.

  4. You should avoid all _______ foods

  5. These peaches need a couple of days to ________.

  6. Get me some ______ steak for the butcher’s

  7. I prefer ______ grilled fish without sauce.

  8. The milk has _____.

  9. You’ll rot your teeth _______ sweets.

  10. An excellent meal! My compliments to the ______.

  11. _____ the dish before you comment.

30. _____ the dish before you comment.

a) fiiled; b) stuffed

a) sideboard; b) buffet

a) a collation; b) a snack

a) summation; b) summation

a) an entree; b) a starter

a) a banquet; b) feast

  1. saucepan; b) casserole

  1. congealed; b) frozen

  1. dissolve; b) melt

  1. in; b) with

  1. smoked; b) fumed

  1. receipt; b) recipe

  1. squeeze; b) press

  1. remainders; b) leftovers

  1. with sauce; b) saucy

  1. scalded; b) burnt

  1. hit; b) beat

  1. spread; b) stretch

  1. matching; b) assorted

a) gone bad; b) delicate

a) delicious; b) delicate

a) processed; b) artificial

      1. mature; b) ripen

  1. meager; b) lean

  1. plain; b) simple

  1. gone sour; b) soured

  1. licking; b) sucking

  1. chief; b) chef

  1. taste; b) probe

a) try; b) try on

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