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7. What do you say when:

  1. You want your guest to put some of the contents of a dish on to his (her) plate?

  2. You want some more of something offered at table?

  3. You do not want to have any more because you can eat no more?

  4. You want to propose somebody’s health?

  5. You want to praise a dish?

8. Choose the best alternative to complete each sentence:

1.I don't really like eating a curry which is very_____.

Hot peppery sharp warm

2.Roast beef is one of my favourite ____.

Bowls courses dishes plates

3.That was absolutely delicious, can you give me the_____?

Formula instructions receipt recipe

4.Would you like your steak well-done, medium or_____?

Bloody blue red rare raw

5.A lot of food you buy nowadays contains all sorts of artificial ______.

Additions additives extras supplements

6.Waiter, could I see the______ please?

Card of wines list of wines wine card wine list wine menu

7.The reason why he always eats so much is simply that he's very

Eager greedy hungry starving

8.She liked the dessert so much that she asked for a second _____.

Dish go helping plate serving

9.If you're on a diet there are some foods you have to _____.

Avoid deny escape lack stop

10. You forgot to put the milk in the fridge and it has _____ .

Gone back gone down gone in gone off gone out

10. Give a detailed description of how:

1) to lay the table for dinner;

2) to make a meat soup;

3) to make coffee;

4) to make tea;

5) to mix and dress a salad;

6) to mince meat;

7) to make scrambled eggs;

8) to lay the table for the party.

11. Dialogues

1) Retell the dialogues in reported speech

2) Learn the dialogues by heart and act them out.

- Waiter! Will you show us the bill of fare?

  • Here you are, sir. And this is the wine list.

  • Well, you may remove it as we are not going to take any drink. We are driving, you know. We mean to have a snack and that's all. Have you got lobsters?

  • I'm sorry, sir, but they are not on the menu.

  • What about salmon?

  • We have run out of it.

  • What a nuisance! Well, what is that famous food you treat your customers to?

  • Chicken broth is our speciality.

b) - Is your restaurant licensed to serve hard drinks?

  • Certainly, sir. And we have a wide choice of them, too.

  • Very well. I'd like to have dinner. What would you recommend for the first course?

  • I think there is nothing like onion soup which is, incidentally, our cook's favourite job.

  • Indeed? And choosing a grill, what will you suggest?

  • If you order roast saddle of mutton, you'll make a fine meal. And what about the sweet, sir?

  • I'll go without it. Just a glass of mango juice.

  • Well, you asked me about hard drinks. What will you have, sir?

  • Nothing whatever. It was a mere curiosity.

c) - Will you please put your purse away, George?

  • Why should I? It is my turn to pay.

  • It is unfair. You paid the bill last time, didn't you?

  • Yes, but the sum was so small that it isn't worth mentioning. If you object to me paying the account, let's go halves then.

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