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12. Put the following vents into the correct order. The first one has been done for you.

look at the menu

give the waiter a tip

have dessert

pay the bill

book a table

decide to go out for a meal 1

leave the restaurant

have the starter

go to the restaurant

have the main course

sit down

order the meal

ask for the bill

13. Put the words in the correct order to make sentences or questions. Then use them to complete the conversation between the waiter and two customers, Linda and Tom.

coffee, you, like, some, Would

order, to, wine, you, like, some, Would

water, Fizzy, still, mineral, or

table, two, a, We’d, for, like

bill, have, Can, the, we

menu, have, we, the, Could

Included, service, the, Is

First, pate, I’d, like, the

like, How, you, steak, would, the

lamb, course, the, the, I’d, chops, for, main, like

vegetables, you, What, would, like

Waiter: Good evening, sir. Good evening, madam.

Tom: Good evening. (a)_______ , please.

Waiter: Certainly. Is the table all right?

Tom: That’s fine. (b) _______ , please?

Waiter: Certainly. The soup of the day is French onion soup.

Waiter: Are you ready to order?

Tom: Yes. (c)______ .

Linda: And for me the prawn cocktail.

Waiter: Yes, madam.

Tom: And then (d) ______ .

Linda: And I’d like a steak.

Waiter: (e) ______ ?

Linda: Medium, please.

Waiter: That’s fine. (f) ______ ?

Linda: Potatoes and cauliflower, please.

Waiter: (g) ______ ?

Linda: Yes. Can I see the wine list? A bottle of French red.

Tom: And some mineral water, please.

Waiter: (h) ______ ?

Tom: Still, please.

Tom: That was delicious!

Waiter: Thank you very much. (i) ______ ?

Linda: Yes. Black, please.

Tom: And (j) ______ ?

Waiter: Of course.

Tom: (k) ______ ?

Waiter: No, it isn’t, sir.

Tom: Can I pay by credit card?

Waiter: Yes, that’s fine.

14. Make up a twenty line dialogue called “At the Restaurant”. Use the following words and expressions.

1. a menu – card;

2. wine list;

3. let me have;

4. what shall I help you to;

5. to uncork the bottle;

6. what shall we have for…;

7. what can you suggest for…;

8. here is to…;

9. would you care for…?

10. may I trouble you for…?

15. Complete the statements:

  1. The table was laid only for three, that's why...

  2. They have run out of corn-flakes, …

  3. Milk disagrees with my stomach, …

  4. Shepherd's pie has always been delicious with them here, ...

  5. The cutlets were highly seasoned, ...

  6. I like to have my coffee white, …

  7. As far as I know, shashlik is garnished with onions and dressed with spicy sauce …

h) I’m hungry as a hunter ...

i) You may remove the wine list as ...

j) Lobsters are not on the menu but …

k) We have run out of cream, …

l) If you order chicken broth, you'll …

m) I don't want you to pay the bill, let's ...

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