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4. Match the professions on the left with the correct definitions on the right.

1) an ambassador

a) a person whose job is carrying people’s luggage and loads at railway stations, airports, hotels, markets, etc.

2) a bookmaker

b) a public officer with authority to decide cases in a law court

3) a butcher

c) a diplomat sent from one country to another either as a permanent representative or on a special mission

4) a coach

d) a person appointed to perform religious duties and ceremonies in the Christian Church

5) an estate agent

e) a person whose job is taking bets on horse races

6) an interpreter

f) a person whose job is cutting up and selling meat

7) a judge

g) a person who gives a simultaneous translation of words spoken in another language

8) a notary

h) a person whose job is to fit and repair water pipes, water-tanks, etc. in a building

9) a priest

i) a person who trains sportsmen

10) a plumber

j) a person who buys and sells houses for others

11) a porter

k) a person with official authority to witness the signing of legal documents and perform some other legal functions

5. Decide which is the odd one out and give reasons.

  1. doctor, surgeon, nurse, postman;

  2. policeman, nurse, teacher, soldier;

  3. carpenter, plumber, bricklayer, lawyer;

  4. professor, lecturer, secretary, teacher;

  5. taxi-driver, pilot, librarian, bus conductor;

  6. fireman, architect, policeman, soldier.

6. Name at least 3 jobs for each item of the list below using Useful Language box. Give reasons to explain your choice.

  1. are the best paid in your country

  2. need a lot of training

  3. you find the least pleasant

  4. require wearing special clothes

  5. demand the fastest actions

  6. involve dealing with people’s problems

  7. you find most boring

  8. give an opportunity to travel

  9. require the knowledge of a foreign language

  10. often give a chance to get tips

  11. involve a lot of stress

  12. can be a challenge for you

  13. require lots of imagination

  14. can negatively affect family life

7. Name at least three jobs that would probably be impossible for someone who

  1. has very bad hearing

  2. is always seasick / airsick

  3. is bad at math

  4. understands nothing about children

  5. is afraid of animals

  6. is afraid of heights

  7. cant’s stand the sight of blood

8. Read the words of the song below, noting how many people there are who are not number one.

I know you've always got to have a kind of substitute

Who will throw all the balls back into play.

And you couldn't really do without a deputy manager

Longing for the manager's holiday.

Ad the company will always need a vice-chairperson

Praying for the chairperson's death.

It’s clear that somebody has got to be the second string

And someone has to make do with second best.

Someone must accept that he's the twelfth man

Waiting impatiently to play in the team.

Someone's got to act as the trainee secretary

Typing out ream after ream.

Someone's got to be the magician's assistant

Holding the maestro's gloves.

And someone's got to work as the auxiliary junior

Wishing she was one step above.

I suppose there'll always be a place for the failed musician

Turning the pianist's pages.

And you're always going to find a would-be trainer

Who’ll clean out the animal's cages.

And can the cast do without the poor understudy

Fidgeting i the wings?

Can the golfer get around without his faithful caddy

Carrying his clubs and things?

I know that someone's got to be the student dentist

Getting on everybody's nerves.

And there'll always be a need for a stand-in speaker

Aware that she was first reserve.

And it's no disgrace to be a plumber's mate

Carrying the boss's tools,

Or the temporary relief, a supply teacher

A stranger in a hundred schools.

I guess there'll always be a job for the commis waiter

Peeping through the restaurant door.

You can't have a fight without a heavy-weight challenger

Landing in a heap on the floor.

And you'll often hear the stories of the stand-by sailor

Who never quite made it to sea.

I know all that, but I can't help wondering

Why it's always got to be me.

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