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Write down the following words and learn them by heart

1. Внешность, 2. руки, 3. фигура, 4. лицо, 5. ступни, 6.высокий, 7.среднего роста, 8. короткий, 9. тонкий, 10. пухлый, 11. круглый, 12. овальный, 13. квадратный, 14. длинный, 15. прямой, 16.вздернутый, 17. вьющийся, 18. светлый, 19. большой, 20. щеки.

Describe any picture and read your description to your group mates. They must guess which picture you have chosen.

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    1. Личностные качества.

Mike, 19

Ann, 32

Describe these people in pairs (hair, eyes, nose, and lips). What can you say about their characters?

Read and translate the text about personal traits.

Personal traits

Meeting people for the first time we always make a judgment based on their appearances.

We look at the face, try to guess age or profession, listen to the way a person speaks. The same way other people might estimate us. If your face has a rosy complexion and your eyes shine at the world you are a person who spends a lot of time outdoors, doesn’t sit in front of the TV set and combines work and fun reasonably. The well-combed hair and neatly cut nails will tell everyone that you are a tidy person who respects yourself and the people around you. A stooping back and badly cleaned teeth wouldn’t be considered positive and would betray your dislike of physical exercise and laziness. The world of emotions makes its imprints on appearance, too.

Certainly, there is no ideal person in reality but if we tried to portray such a person they would possess the following qualities: he/she must be kind-hearted and friendly, but modest at the same time. Generosity and sincerity are the traits that would attract everybody. A good friend is definitely a person who is interesting to speak to – he must be witty and intelligent. Vain and impudent people are very difficult to deal with; they consider themselves the hub of the universe and never try to look at themselves critically. Today’s idea of courage has changed and it’s not necessary to fight with wild animals or travel to unknown lands. But diligence and industry are the qualities that are always valued.

If you are a determined and strong-willed person you would never give up and behave coolly and calmly whatever happens in your life. Good-humoured people take things as they are and think of ways out of difficulties.

Much is connected with your attitude to people. If you are communicative, sociable people would appreciate you and you would have lots of friends. On the contrary, hostile, tactless and deceitful people often stay alone. There are no ideal people. We should take the world as it is but try to improve it starting with ourselves.