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1.19. Влияние средств массовой информации на образ жизни молодежи. Мой колледж.

What type of TV programme are you probably watching if you see the following? Match the descriptions on the left with the programmes on the right.

Work in pairs. Discuss the following questions with your partner.

  1. How much time do you spend watching TV? What is your favourite type of programmes?

  2. Do you like watching soap operas? Why are so many people fond of them? What do you think?

  3. Do you like watching quiz shows on TV?

  4. Some people think that TV does more harm than good. What is your opinion?

  5. Does radio have any advantage over television and newspapers?

  6. Do you read popular press?

  7. What is the most popular nowadays, TV, newspapers or radio among young people?

1.20. Расписание занятий в медицинском колледже.

1. Read the following text.

Hello! My name is Karen and I live in London. I am 24 years old

These are some of my classes.

On Monday, at half past eight, I have English. I love it!

On Tuesday, at a quarter past ten, I have Literature.

On Wednesday, at a quarter to three, I have History. It’s very interesting!

On Thursday, I have Physical Education at eleven o’clock. It’s great! On Friday, I have Geography at a quarter to five. It’s a bit boring!

Every day, at half past twelve, it’s lunch time and at six o’clock “Back home!”.

  1. Complete the following timetable according to the text.

This is Karen’s Timetable:







b) French

d) Psychology

h) Geography

a) History

f) Physical Education

c) Computer sciences

i) French

g) Lunch time

j) English

e) Literature

  1. Now complete the description according to the timetable above.

  1. On________________at______________________Karen has ______________________.

  2. On________________at______________________Karen has ______________________.

  3. On________________at______________________Karen has ______________________.

  4. On________________at______________________Karen has _________________________.

  5. On________________at______________________Karen has ______________________.

  6. On________________at______________________Karen has ______________________.

  7. On________________at______________________Karen has ______________________.

At six o’clock...it’s time to go home!

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