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    1. Описание людей Discuss the following questions in pairs

  1. When do you think our appearance is more important? / when making friends, at work/

  2. Who do you take after (походить) in your family?

  3. How would you describe yourself?

Find the international words and guess their meaning

Character, colour, a person, communicative, uncommunicative, figure

Read and translate the text

Appearance and character

When we speak about somebody's figure, face, hands, feet we mean his or her appearance. A person may be tall, middle-sized or short, thin or plump. A face may be round, oval or square. A nose may be long, short, straight or snub. Lips can be thin or full. In summer some people may have freckles on their faces. Old people have wrinkled faces.

People's hair may be long or short, thin or thick, straight or curly. If it is long it is often plaited. Its colour may be black or fair, chestnut or red. Old people have grey hair. Women usually have their hair done 'at the hairdresser's.

Eyes may be large or small. They may be of different colour, grey, green, black, or hazel (brown). Cheeks may be rosy or pale, plump or hollow. Some people have dimples in their cheeks when they smile.

The manner of walking is called the walk (gait). One's step maybe: light, heavy, firm.

During our life we get in touch with many people. And not only appearance, but character is also very important for us. We all know a saying: "So many characters, so many people" and it is really true. When we speak about somebody’s character, we can describe a person as polite, friendly, good-natured, kindhearted, generous, thoughtful or, on the contrary, hard-hearted, ill-natured, rude, greedy, uncommunicative.

Every character forms in the society. However all the people are free to change themselves and to become better.


appearance - внешность

figure - фигура

face - лицо

hands - руки

feet - ступни

tall- высокий

middle-sized– среднего роста

short- короткий

thin- тонкий

plum - пухлый

round - круглый

oval- овальный

square- квадратный

freckle– веснушка

wrinkled- морщинистый

long - длинный

straight – прямой

snub – вздернутый

curly – вьющийся

plaited – заплетенный

fair – светлый

chestnut – каштановый

red – рыжий, красный

large – большой

small – маленький

rosy– розовый

pale– бледный

hollow– впалый

dimples – ямочки

cheeks – щеки

walk (gait) – походка

light – легкий

heavy– тяжелый

firm– твердый, уверенный (о походке)

character – характер

polite – вежливый

friendly – дружелюбный

good-natured - добрый

kindhearted – добрый

generous – щедрый, великодушный

thoughtful – заботливый, чуткий

hard-hearted – жестокий

ill-natured – злой

rude – грубый

greedy – жадный

uncommunicative– необщительный

Arrange antonyms in pairs using the vocabulary

tall –

thin –

long –


straight –

small –

rosy –

heavy –

kind-hearted –

greedy –